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Stop Throwing Your Cash Down These Money Sink-Holes!

The funny thing about humans is that we are predictable creatures. In saying this, it is important to recognize that this predictability is accompanied by the fact that we tend to make the same choices as those around us, and often this extends to the mistakes we make as well. We bet you enjoy the memes and humor about things that are relatable to you, and you find yourself nodding your head when hearing what others are struggling with because you are often in the same boat. Well, when it comes to finances, things aren’t all that different either. Most of us generally waste our hard-earned dough on the same stuff others are wasting it on, too! Here are the biggest money-sinkholes that are burning holes in your pockets!

Speeding Fines

Ask those around you and you can be sure that they have had their fair share of speeding tickets. These are expensive and easily avoidable, yet everyone falls victim to these money traps! Of course, speeding is dangerous and is a hazard to those around you, but we’re talking about finances today and a speeding ticket is just another way of paying your earnings to the local municipality! Also, you wind up with a double whammy since your car insurance premiums hike up, too. Not fun.

Gym Memberships

Go ahead, ask your friends how many of them have unused gym memberships. We know how it goes – you get the membership at a great rate, maybe even discounted, and you always thought you should go and even though you haven’t ever gone, you keep thinking you will go …and the cycle continues. Well, sorry to break it to you, but you’re not going to go. And you’re just supporting the gym and getting absolutely nothing out of it. It’s time you think about dropping that membership for good! If you happen to wake up one day with a healthy mindset, you could always take it up again, or better still, pay for the day.

Pet Food

Yes, your dog has to eat. Your cat, too. We’re not saying that all pet food is a waste of money, but particularly the brands you purchase at the pet store. Maybe your pet store is most convenient as it is closer, or maybe the pet food is simpler closer to the door than it is in other stores so you choose to buy it there – but be warned, the price for this convenience is included, plus more! You can get pet food at a fraction of the price if you shop around and get it elsewhere. Pet stores have a tendency to stock the most expensive brands, and often the smallest bags, too. Take a look at discount chains, for starters, and have a look at buying bulk.

Bargain Shopping

You probably feel great when you pile up your trolley with a load of goods at a fraction of the price, and it can be really hard to stop throwing all those half-priced items into the bag! Well, we hate to be the ones to actually say it, but isn’t it also true that most of the stuff you buy at bargain stores or on special discounts are things you don’t even need? Clothes in the closet never to be worn – check. Weird kitchen gadgets you will never use – check. Household items gathering dust and taking up space – check. The bottom line is that you won’t see all that money again, and if you’re buying stuff you don’t need, it is wasteful – no matter what the discount was!

Cable or Satellite TV

If you are one of the majority, then you’re paying for a bunch of channels you hardly watch and a bunch of reruns with several commercials in between for good measure. There’s just nothing good about cable or satellite television anymore, and especially not when there are better alternatives these days. Consider streaming, if you have a high-speed internet connection, as you can watch anything you would like at any time you would like and at your leisure. Downloads are another option – you know what you want to watch and you just download it and have it saved for watching whenever you wish. There are also library discs and network TV as options. You really don’t need cable or satellite TV anymore!

We know there are countless ways we waste our money, and we could spend all day going through several of them. But these are the easiest ones you can make a change to your life about and stop throwing out your dough with! It’s only a matter of making your mind up about it! Besides, there are better things to spend money on…

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