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Here Are Top Eco-Friendly Business Ventures That You Can Start with Minimal Investment

There is a paradigm shift in consumers’ interest and perception of organizations. The focus is now shifting from just the products and services to the CSR initiatives and sustainable solutions that organizations are offering. So, it is no wonder that organizations are now investing more of their time, money, and resources into their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Going beyond these initiatives are a few new-age entrepreneurs who are venturing into the green industry business, making sustainable products a big part of their product list.

What Is Green Industry?

So, what is the green industry, and why is it drawing the interest of most business persons? The answer is simple, green enterprises or eco-entrepreneurs invest in businesses that do not abuse or overuse natural resources. In other words, the green industry uses very little water, energy, and raw materials as it cuts down on carbon emissions and uses varied ways to utilize these materials in many renewable and eco-friendly ways.

This way, the company puts lesser strain on natural resources and helps in fighting climate change. In several cases, the waste is reused as energy or raw material. While generating big revenues, a green business model minimizes the company’s impact on the environment rather than concentrating on making profits only.

It may also reduce the use of fossil fuels and focus on the supply of power with other approaches, reducing energy consumption. Here are some businesses focussing on artistic endeavors and supporting local ecology.

Green Finance

Green finance is pro local and community-level projects with a special focus on sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture. It provides educational opportunities and supports the artistic endeavors and projects that support local ecology. It concerns itself with social profitability. While one cannot ignore the monetary aspect, there is equal importance in supporting beneficial projects for the local community and ecology.

Organic Catering

 Eco-friendly foodies are changing the name of the game, putting their passion for food to good use. And they combine it with their love for the environment and start an organic catering company.

Eco-friendly companies cater to local events and corporate events using organic and locally grown veggies, fruits, etc. Their list of products includes vegan and free-range meats, also gluten-free and paleo-meal options. They are perfect for people who are into health, wellness, and nature.

Ink Refill Business

Entrepreneurs are now starting their ink-refill business not only to make ample profits but also to put forward an intrinsically environmentally-friendly business model. You may think whether refilling ink cartridges is truly environment conscious as it involves paper wastage.

However, one can turn the ink refill business into a blend of environmentally conscious and profitable business models. The only way to do the same is to use old ink cartridges, leaving behind non-biodegradable waste accumulating in landfills. While paper is necessary in today’s business world, we can certainly do away with empty ink containers.

Eco-Friendly Retail

Eco-friendly retailers and e-commerce site EcoPlum has innovative ways to ensure their customers join the green initiative. And they have come up with the concept of redeemable points, which the customers could use on EcoChipz for rewards or a donation to help various environmental causes.

Each product carries a third-party green certification for an equivalent eco-label. Eco plum has its fingers deep into the green pie as it not only sells sustainably sourced products but also produces educational content. These include monthly columns from industry experts, local green business listings.

It also provides recycling information, eco tips, and various environmentally-friendly book and video recommendations. If you think on similar lines, hop on board with a company promising similar aims and values like you and your customers.

Sustainable Beauty Salon

If you are into cosmetology, you can combine your beauty business with an environmental-conscious one. Organic products and vegan products are a new rage.

If you want to cash on to an eco-friendly beauty zone, then a beauty salon is probably your thing. You can also open a hair salon using products such as organic shampoos and conditioners.

Besides that, you can also unleash your creativity and invest in a nail salon that uses environmentally friendly products such as vegan polishes and spa treatments.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Professional landscaping transforms the look of your garden look. However, maintaining the same is sometimes detrimental for the environment. Nothing that a few eco-friendly advice and know-how cannot change. You can advise homeowners on how to make their lawns greener and more beautiful. You can include drought-resistant plants, synthetic turf, and plant trees strategically to save water, energy, and money.

Well, what do you think about these ideas? Would you be able to turn some of these business ideas into successful business ventures? Remember that no matter how small the initiative or effort, it would make a great difference to the planet.

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