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What Are the Anti-Aging Secrets of Hunza Women?

The Hunza Valley is at more than 2,000 m, north of Pakistan. This is the inhabited place of the Hunza or the Burusho tribe. This tribe not only boasts of having a high average life expectancy but is also known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. These women do not pursue expensive products or exotic foods to keep wrinkles at bay. Instead, their skin secrets are rather simple.

It is a combination of nibbling on apricots, consuming raw fruits and vegetables, taking ice-cold water, and taking long walks. Women eat easily available foods such as millet, barley, and buckwheat and eat reduced amounts of cheese, eggs, and milk. Let’s delve deep into their health and beauty secrets and what keeps them so sparkling fresh even when they are well into their advanced years.

Apricots Are The Main Secret

Apricots are the mainstay of the Hunza diet, and a family’s economic stability is the number of organically-grown apricot trees. The apricot is perhaps their favorite and one of their dietary mainstays. The Hunza women get their apricots fresh in season. They then dry them out in the sun to help them sustain themselves during the long cold winter.

They also puree the dried apricots and mix them with snow to turn them into ice creams. Like most apricot jams, this ice cream comes without any refined sugar because they are naturally sweet.

That’s not all. The Hunza women also cut the pits from the fruits, crack them, and remove the almond-like nuts. Next, the women grind these kernels with stone mortars and squeeze the meal between a hand stone and a flat rock to take out the oil. There are numerous ways to use this oil, such as cooking, fuel, and even salad dressing on fresh garden greens, and as a facial lotion. No wonder the complexions of Hunza women are so beautiful.

The Vitamin-C Rich Fruits

Apart from apricots, the Hunzakut also grows and enjoys other fruits such as apples, peaches, pears, mulberries, black and red cherries, and grapes. The fruits provide them with the maximum vitamin C they need when it comes to fruits. It also provides them with the other nutritional richness of fresh fruit, providing them with all the energy from the fruit sugars. They get a light red wine from the grapes that turns their simple meals into exotic meals.

The Healthy Bread

Hunza chapatti bread that all men and women eat is typically made fresh out of the oven. They use stone-ground grains, primarily made out of wheat, barley, buckwheat, and millet. These delicious flat unleavened bread form the crux of a nutritious diet of grains, fruits, dried fruits, and vegetables. The women also drink a generous amount of Glacial Milk which is milky-colored water and is a combination of glaciers, full of rock flour, and minerals.

More Physical Exercise

Another great Hunza women’s health secret includes spending a considerable amount of time devoted to physical exercise each day. It’s not about doing deliberate physical exercise. But spending a great amount of time taking in the pure mountain air has tremendous health benefits.

Although Hunza women spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, working on the fields, and going for a regular 15 or 20-kilometer hike, most of the week. Walking on mountain trails is more taxing than walking on flat terrains. It is true walking for one hour out into the sun can turn out to be one of the best things you can do for your health.

The Special Tea

Hunza women prepare a special tea that is salty. It contains a special herb called Tumuru, which has special anti-aging benefits. This is the secret of most Hunzry women as it gives them flawless skin, making 60-year older women look 40.

Like the men of the Hunza tribe, most Hunza women can live more than 100 years. Their lifestyle certainly teaches us a thing or two of anti-aging and beauty. Leading a stress-free and active life can make you look way younger than your look, much like the Hunza women. So, follow these simple tips to be more like the Hunza women and you would have that natural-looking glow on your face too!

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