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The Best and the Most Beautiful Canal Cities Around the World Including Bruges in Belgium!

European canal cities are some of the most beautiful cities around the world. They are beautiful and romantic with a capital R! The waterside’s casual evening stroll with the water reflecting the prosaic reality in flowy patterns gives it an unearthly beauty. The flickering lights add to the enigma of the place.

While we know, Venice is the most popular city in the world. Many other cities deserve mention, and most of them are so beautiful that it takes your breath away. We select a few of our favorite cities that should be on your bucket list, and some of them are off the beaten track, for those of you who are looking to avoid crowded places.

Utrecht, The Netherlands

The wharves or canals of Utrecht are unlike anything you have seen in any inner-city canal in the world. There are flat areas at the canal level where boats unload their cargo. The wharves lead to traditional cellars that serve the twin purpose of leading to the best shops, houses, and restaurants.

The summers are a great time to spend some lovely moments under the sun with a cooling drink in your hand. Every canal boasts of Instagram-worthy images whether you view it from the canoe, boat, or tour. The autumn season calls for some floating leisurely on the Oudegracht as you soak in the hot fingers of the sun and the season colors the leaves green and red. It paints a beautiful picture, and it tells you why the canal city is simply magical.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges has lately found favor among the eclectic section of tourists who flock to the place to admire its varied beauty. Although some of the bridges have overgrown creepers, there has been no restoration on these bridges yet. And it serves as a reminder for the tourists of a long-forgotten place of beauty. The canals of Bruges or Reien, enwrap the city in a ‘Bruges egg.’

It’s easy to mingle with the locals and be one of their own. They are so friendly.  The beautiful lanes and bylanes can take you to gorgeous nooks and corners of the city that are unexplored gems.  The city of Bruges finds itself listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Annecy, France

Annecy, or the Venice of the Alps, is another picturesque place that promises beauty in generous doses. There is a calm serenity of the place that soothes your senses and is a sight for sore eyes. The beautiful medieval Annecy’s construction is around the former castle of Lord Annecy, and the entire town surrounds the Thiou canal. There are meandering paths that lead you to the old center via many waterways. The stunning row of vibrant colored houses, get a peek-a-boo in the crystal clear waterways.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is one of Germany’s largest port, and its bridges and canals can give stiff competition to Venice and Amsterdam. The charming bridges and canals make Hamburg one of the most beautiful places in the city.

The blend of the old and new German architecture interposed with the symmetrical walkways connected by water makes it one of the most stunning places around. Hamburg has more bridges in the city limits than any other cities globally and has more canals than Amsterdam and Venice put together. The number is put somewhere around 2300 to over 2500, and that’s more than London, Amsterdam and Venice combined!

St. Petersburg, Russia

As soon as the sun is up chasing the gloomy clouds away, the temperature rises and fills the canals of St. Petersburg with colorful boats. The waterways provide the perfect exploration route for people and figure out different aspects of the city. You can either take a public ferry or go for an organized canal trip to travel to the city’s less-trodden paths. There are many picturesque places such as parks, palaces, churches, museums—all a breathtaking sight to behold.

There is no doubt of the fact that canal cities have a charm on their own. If you have visited Venice and loved the city, you should visit the cities. Believe us. You’ll find them simply gorgeous! And once you are back from these adorable places, do let us know in the comments section about all your adventures!

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