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How To Buy A Modular Kitchen For Your Home

Home space crunch is an ugly reality that most homeowners keep battling on an everyday basis. If you have a small home or a tiny kitchen,  a modular kitchen is a better idea. You can have your style of prefabricated units you can put together, and a kitchen would be in place. Modular kitchens offer adequate space for storing utensils, dishes, pantry items, spices and condiments, and more.

You can customize every aspect of the kitchen, including countertops to flooring composition, in a modular kitchen. Besides, these kitchens are extremely durable and sturdy. You can also replace individual components when you wish to, leaving the rest of the kitchen intact. When thinking of investing in a modular kitchen, here are few things you must be on the lookout for.

Determine The Layout Of The Kitchen

Usually, the most common kitchen types include U-shaped, L-shaped, parallel, and straight (galley). Then there are island designs too. Firstly, think of the doors and windows inside the house alongside the electrical outlets, plumbing, and all other appliances. In this way, you can gauge what you would like to have and what you would keep out.

Take Care Of The Appliances

Depending on the specific requirements of the household, choose your appliances likewise. Think of some common options like grills, ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, microwaves, sinks, dishwashers, and more. Make a list of all such items and choose accordingly.

Look For Electrical Points

Merely having the required appliances isn’t enough. Decide where you would like to place your oven, refrigerator, microwave, chimney, and other electrical appliances. Accordingly, you can choose the electrical points for the light switches and outlets.

Don’t Forget Plumbing

Plumbing is best done after deciding where the sink and such related items must be kept. Alternatively, you can add an under-sink unit to consolidate on the plumbing. There must be proper space for a swing-down waste bin or even a pull-out meant for the dish soap and other essentials.

Zero In On The Style And Number Of Wall Units

There is a varied style of kitchen wall units that would accommodate dishes and kitchen equipment. For example, horizontal units, the corner shelves, spice units, crockery units, and all such options are aplenty for those who wish to buy them.

Whatever you do, remember to leave some space for the chimney or exhaust vent while purchasing the wall units. Now opt for full-height cupboards that would house pantry items, kitchen supplies, and more. These can hold more than just the refrigerator or the microwave.

Choose Only Quality Materials

Kitchens these days enjoy variegated options in materials for units, countertops, and flooring. Even when you are tight-budgeted, we recommend don’t make the mistake of finding only the cheapest items. You need to think of longevity for your modular kitchen and consider environmental conditions like humidity when thinking of the finishes.

Be Stern About The Cabinet Units

This unit is mostly available in materials like pre-laminated particle boards, pre-laminated MDF, boiling waterproof (BWP) plywood, and lamination. BWP is a waterproof option that has been, for the most part, a durable purchase for the kitchen cabinet units. Glass shutters are also good options if you have to think of something different.

Mind The Finishes

Whatever material you select, the top, side panels, and the bottom will be made of it. The unit’s front can undergo some customization with multifarious finishes if you wish to match the style and décor.

Matte or glossy- both are fine. And then there are colors. Try and select the wall hues and flooring just when you finish selecting the cases. Glossy finishes are easier to clean, but matte surfaces are a tad scratch-resistant.

Choose The Right Flooring

Hardwood is the most popular option, besides bamboo, laminates, marbles, cork, vinyl, or even tiles of stones, ceramics, and porcelain. For those who like eco-friendly options that would be unique and hypoallergenic at the same time, cork works well.

It’ll take some time to get the dream modular kitchen you wish to have. But go slow, and it will materialize. If you want some professional guidance, contact a home renovation expert. They can help you pick the right modular kitchen that matches both your budget and your home!

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