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This Is How You Can Beat Your Sedentary Lifestyle

Advancements in the modern world have made everyone’s lives easier and that’s an undeniable truth. However, aside from all the advantages that are associated with them, there are some downsides too and that includes a sedentary lifestyle that people have adopted. When you have everything at your fingertips, your movement has gradually slowed down. Therefore, a deteriorated health condition can be witnessed. Being inactive leads to obesity and that’s a proven fact. Sitting for longer durations of the day can accentuate the risk for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other conditions that are directly linked to obesity. So, what do you need to do to beat your sedentary lifestyle? Read on to find a way out.

Take A Walk

A 30-minute walk is highly beneficial for the human body and this has been proved through several pieces of research. People, who involve themselves in light exercises or take a brisk walk every day, aren’t that much prone to sudden cardiac deaths as people who don’t. It has also been found out that three five-minute walks throughout a day can save you from the harm that prolonged sitting causes to the peripheral arteries in your legs. Even if you are at your workplace, you can easily adapt to this simple routine. Instead of sitting continuously through a conference or a meeting, you can suggest your peers walk around. You can also take your dog out for a week before or after work. Try to sneak in time whenever you can. If your home is not too far from your workplace, try taking a walk to work or while returning home.

Use The Stairs As Much As You Can

Stair climbing, as suggested by many experts, is considered to be a perfect exercise to get rid of a sedentary lifestyle and stay active. When you are using the stairs, you tend to burn more calories when you compare it to jogging. If you take the stairs whenever it’s possible for you, you would prevent an abrupt weight gain as well. Staying fit, having a healthy heart, and strong joints, muscles, bones are the other benefits.

Do Your Household Chores

Instead of whiling away the whole day sitting at home and doing nothing, get up and get involved in performing some household chores. There are many ways you can do it like cleaning the kitchen after dinner, cleaning the countertops, doing the dishes, are all nice activities that can help you get rid of a lethargic lifestyle. You can also try out the other chores at home such as sweeping the floors, putting the garbage out, or even vacuuming. Imbibing this habit would also help you address the housekeeping duties every day after you return from work. This is a nice physical activity through which you can bring your blood sugar levels down as well as ward off the risk of insulin resistance.

Try To Change The Workstation

How about getting a treadmill desk, a fitness ball seat, or a standing desk at your workplace? In case your workstation can be adjusted to different heights, try to perform your computer work just standing up. When you are talking about standing workstations, they would help you improve your body’s posture and can even reduce any back pain you might have. Specialists are hired by a few companies to assess the ergonomics of the workspaces. They can evaluate your workstation and help you with the whole process. Try this out as soon as you can.

Stand Up

If you have to sit at your workspace for hours, it’s time that you imbibe the habit of standing up every 15 to 20 minutes. In case if you have the habit of forgetting, you can set a reminder on your phone or even your watch. Setting a reminder would help you keep a track of the time, especially when you are caught up with your work and handling a very important project. Aside from that, you can also try taking some small breaks and move away from your desk. Have a brisk chat with your colleague or get some water to drink.

The point is that the more you involve yourself in such activities, the lesser will be the risk of developing any kind of disease. Modern advancements have truly brought a lot of benefits at your doorsteps, but you can’t overlook the consequences when it’s your health that is being talked about.

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