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Can Meditation Help You Get Rid Of Your Worst Spending Habits?

Do you have the tendency to mindlessly buy just anything you want? Has it become a part of your mentality? Do you think you deserve to own these things just because you toil hard throughout the day? Well, nothing much will happen other than you falling deeper into debt. Yes, you heard it right. Unplanned and terrible spending habits are risky and can have an adverse impact on your financial objectives — it will hurt you for sure. The question is if you know that you really need to change your spending habits, why don’t you start as soon as possible? However, before you do it, you need to change your mind. For that, meditation is the best medicine. How? Keep reading and find out.

Meditation Can Bring About Change In Your Mentality

From the early ages, meditation has been hailed as the perfect cure to any mental disturbance and unhappiness. Scientists have also claimed that meditation brings about a psychological change in your brain. It accentuates the density of gray matter present in your brain. In the process, the cortical thickness also increases. To rephrase it in simple terms, the benefits of meditation are unlimited. It helps you develop better judgment, faster processing of information, and less pain. People believe that mediation can only calm the mind down. As a matter of fact, the benefits are much more than you can ever imagine.

Choose A Chant Or A Mantra That Empowers You

You can opt for a mantra or a chant that would help you judge things in a much better way and take decisions accordingly. It doesn’t matter what the mantra specifies. However, each word should speak about your goals in life and provide you with more power.

Chant Your Mantra Every Single Morning After You Wake Up

As far as traditional meditation is concerned, you should start meditation as soon as you wake up in the morning. Sit silently with your back straight, control your inhalation and exhalation, and chant your mantra with full concentration. You must focus on the mantra and its recitation for at least four to five minutes and not less than that. As you slowly begin to soothe your mind, you can increase the time up to 15 to 20 minutes. The main aim should be to boost your concentration power, especially if you have a wandering mind.

Chant Your Mantra Several Times Throughout The Day

If you feel the necessity, you can repeat the mantra as many times as you like throughout the day. Sit in the same position and practice. If you are unable to do that, then concentrate on your inhalation and exhalation as you chant your mantra. You can do it anywhere — whether it’s in the office or in the park. A minimum of 20 to 25 repetitions in a day would help you to regain your focus when everything around is a bit chaotic. Try it out and you would soon realize the change in your lifestyle. The results would overwhelm you for sure.

Repeat Your Mantra Before You Go To Sleep

Meditation before sleeping has its own benefits. After a hard day’s work, a sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours is all you need in order to regain the energy and vitality that’s required for the next day. Close your eyes, straighten your back, focus on your breathing, and start chanting. Your mind will automatically calm down and you can get rid of all the stress and anxieties that you have endured throughout the day. Who wouldn’t want to go to bed with a mind free of all the worries?

Meditate Before You Go Out For Any Social Activity

Before you go out with your friends and hang around with them, don’t forget to sit for at least five minutes and meditate. Extra meditation will soothe you down before you embark on any social activity. Moreover, you would be able to concentrate on your spending habits in a much better way. You won’t pick up just anything you want and will definitely think twice before you shell out money on something. All in all, calculative spending is what you should be aiming for.

It’s necessary to be patient in life. You must keep in mind that meditation takes around 40 days to bring around a positive change in your actions and thoughts. Don’t lose your patience and continue with the way you have been meditating. Results will be there for everyone to see.

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