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These Celebrities Do Not Take A Shower Regularly

Celebs are expected to look like a million bucks almost every time they make a public appearance. Had it not been for their fashion stylists or the money they spend over cosmetic treatments and makeup applications, it would have been nearly impossible to step out looking prim and proper. But don’t forget that looks can be deceiving and you might be shocked knowing about the body odor your favorite actor emanates when you’re standing right next to him. Basically, some people are lethargic and there’s no changing them. Here are a few celebs who are notable for that.

Robert Pattinson

In one of the interviews that Pattinson had with Extra, he was asked to confirm the rumors about him not washing his hair for close to six weeks. Not only did he agree, but questioned the importance of washing the hair! Well, we do love his unkempt look, but now that we know the real reason, we’re doubtful to get closer to him. His hygiene regimen is known to his fans and also the media. In fact, Pattinson’s crummy hair was nothing, as per one of the sources of this news. The strong stench from his body is practically unthinkable that drives people on the set crazy. He is the face of Dior Homme, and we can merely hope his present gig hands him bottles of the cologne. A couple of spritzes might just prove helpful.

Britney Spears

When it comes to staying at the top of the hygiene game, Spears won’t make it to the list. As per her former bodyguard Fernando Flores, he had sued Spears owing to psychological damages via a lawsuit that accused her of not being anywhere near in the bathtub, for several days at a stretch. That wasn’t all. He even claimed that in one such incident, she even flashed her private parts before him. Added to that were her irritating personal habits like picking her nose, passing gas, chain-smoking, and even abusing her little ones. Supporters and fans of Spears certainly didn’t agree, but Britney settled the lawsuit in 2012 after she offered him a modest financial statement.

Brad Pitt

Eli Roth, who happened to be Pitt’s co-star, said in an interview that he’s known for his laziness. In fact, he often suggested quick titbits on how to prevent people from sensing he didn’t take a shower! One of his interesting tips was using baby wipes and rubbing under the armpits, in case one didn’t have the time to take a quick bath. Yuck! That’s gross. But why would he even do that? To this, Pitt replied that with 6 kids, things can get tough. He has constantly been on the move, so he actually has no time to take a shower. His logic appealed so much to Roth that often the latter resorted to baby wipes to stay and smell fresh on a day when he felt dunking his body under the running water was too much of a hassle.

Jessica Simpson

She’s simply lazy in terms of her personal hygiene and she has never shied away from accepting that. In The Ellen Degeneres Show (via US Weekly), she admitted to brushing her teeth only thrice a week. And why so? Well, she believed she had such white teeth, so she didn’t want them to be slippery! However, she used Listerine and flossed every day. Averse to brushing, she revealed that scrubbing her teeth using a shift cloth like a shirt would help her stay clean. We don’t really know what she meant by having fresh breath despite knowing her activities are not helping her with that. While she never really spoke much about her showering habits, but someone who can afford to miss out on brushing teeth every day would seldom work for staying clean.

Jake Gyllenhall

Being one of the most handsome men in the world, it’s unfortunate when he says that bathing is less necessary. Basically, the skin has a natural process of cleansing, and as a celeb, it can be very difficult for someone to start doing something they didn’t believe in. As Jake says that in a world where no one has to bath can works, as the skin maintains itself and we will undergo a natural process of cleansing.

The list is endless and you would continue wearing that shocked look learning about your favorite celebs. However, let’s not get too inspired by the unhealthy lifestyles of our favorite celebs, and focus on more important areas, their works for example.

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