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Have You Come to the End of Your Sporting Career? Here is What you Can Try Next!

So, are you bidding farewell to your sporting career?  We are sure that the fear of retirement and uncertainty is gripping you. It is normal for anyone to feel that way about retirement, more so, an athlete as they have a significantly active lifestyle during their playing years. Finding work after retirement or figuring out a way to lead life can be difficult.

Luckily, as an athlete, numerous career options await you even after retirement. Read on to know how you could explore an exciting career after you retire after an active sporting career. For instance, you can try things such as sharing your knowledge and experience in the world of TV and radio.

Besides that, you can also try your luck as a referee or an official. Alternatively, you could also help fellow sportspersons get their nutrition game strong by being a sports nutritionist. Sounds interesting? Let’s check out the different career options in detail.


This is one of the easier transitions for someone who has links with sports. Broadcasters are good at what they do, chiefly because they know the game like the back of their hands. Not to forget all the experience they have on-field from their widely illustrious career.

Retired athletes are snapped by TV honchos to provide in-depth analysis and their valuable opinions. We believe no one can be better in it than the athletes who have practiced it at an elite level. The best part is that athletes are in great demand on television and radio to provide commentary, in-depth analysis, and opinions.

One of the expert’s tasks is to express their opinion on a top-level athlete, and who can do it better than somebody experiencing it first-hand? Well, we have seen countless examples in sports like cricket to skiing everywhere.  You can look upon the BBC’s coverage of the Olympic winter games to see how the former athletes are acing the broadcasting game with their years of playing experience.

Team Management

You know what, you can still be part of the excitement that sports can promise even after retiring, minus the stress. As someone who can oversee everything related to sports such as fundraising, logistics, and promotions, you can be part of it all. You can either work alone or head a team by managing them with your strong leadership and interpersonal skills.

A Referee or An Official

Well, this role needs numerous pre-requisites. You would also need great communication skills, an awareness of the risks, great fitness, and expertise in the game. Well, whatever it takes to be a good athlete, those skills will come in useful to be a good referee, judge, or official too.

Referees or officials may also require you to have an objective viewpoint. That way, you can resolve disputes impartially. Remember how the famous rugby player Mike Adamson made the transition from a player to a referee seamlessly?

Marketing Manager

As an athlete, your passion speaks from the work you do. This way, you can inspire more and more people to take up the job. You can do it on a professional level too. Nowadays, there are countless opportunities to exercise your specific talent in many places.

This includes opportunities like sports marketing, clubs, and other sports organizations. Marketing managers have their jobs cut out to implement varied strategies, evaluate a customer’s behavior and interest, and bring in more audiences. They can also plan out marketing campaigning and select specific media channels to do the same.


Well, in today’s world, nutrition is given far more important than ever. A nutritionist’s role catering to an athlete’s demands can help an athlete perform to their full potential. A sports nutritionist has to work in tandem with medical staff and also psychologists. This is to ensure the athlete performs at an optimal level physically and mentally.

Of course, you may need a formal degree. But that is not a herculean task compared to all the efforts and hard work you put into building a career in sports. So, work on your passion for being a nutritionist, use your sporting knowledge to your advantage, and build a whole new career after retirement.

With great determination and the hunger to achieve something in the second innings of your career, you are sure to find success. Give it a go! And let us know whether you found these tips useful.

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