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Is Culinary Travel the New ‘It’ Thing! Here’s Why You Should Try it Too!

If you love food and like to indulge in elaborate five-course meals, also love to watch Top Chef on TV, and love to travel for food then gourmet travel or culinary travel is surely for you. Well, there are many benefits of traveling for food and if you haven’t experienced that yet, then time to take on the adventure of a lifetime. So, why should you start traveling for food? Well, let’s explore several reasons why you need to start traveling.

Food Travel Incites Your Senses

Food is one of the most powerful things that you can taste since it is one of the few things that can engage all five senses as you need to touch it, smell it, see it, and taste it. We get into a heightened sense of existence when we come across food. So, when you travel for food you start building memories.

Food Triggers Memories For You

When you smell something it instantly reminds you of a food memory. The aroma of freshly baked apple pie or a Thai curry instantly triggers you of a bygone food memory that invigorates dormant senses.  It elicits generous doses of excitement.

Food Adds to The Experience

There are people who skip good food because they want to save money so that they spend on other stuff, while there are people who travel specifically to savor a particular food. You may want to travel for the Birds Nest Soup in China, or taste balut in the Philippines, or kopi luwak from Indonesia. Food, is a big part of your travel adventure, remember how you can soak in the atmosphere of the place only when you taste the local cuisine of the place. Imagine traveling to China without tasting Dim Sum, Mexico without street tacos, and more.

Food is a Great Leveller!

When you travel you not only try the Michelin-starred restaurants but also try food that is off the beaten path.  So, you try not only the best-fried noodles, or experience food at an authentic cooking school in Tuscany, or if you are feeling particularly adventurous you can try a deep-fried cricket from a market in Cambodia.

The more you dare yourself to different types of food, the more you’ll be able to heighten your memories and experiences. The more you travel you look for culinary hotspots that speak of the culture of the city you visit. After all, culture is dependent on the history, architecture, and of course the food of the place.  Imagine traveling to Paris and visiting the Eiffel towers and not eating the sumptuous crepes over there.

Visit Various Wineries

While researching the area, you may also visit various wineries that have world-class wone and you may be miss half the experience if you fail to explore the burgeoning food scene. So, try and visit restaurants with wine-pairing menus, and experience foods that you have never tasted before. Visiting Napa valley to taste the wine over there or in France. You will come back to your city with a newfound appreciation of food, wine, and the other things you pair with food.


Food just stops you right there on your paths. Even when you see a food picture you get hooked to the picture. It adds food to your travels and enriches your experience. And if you love food like most of us do, you may want to visit places other than the restaurants and gourmet food markets. There’s a world full of incredible foods beckon to you and to think that you are a just plane ride or a road trip away. So, when you travel you eat a little, learn a little more and you take away the food memories.

Culinary travel has certainly become popular recently and most people cheerfully jump onto the bandwagon. So, do you like traveling for food too? If may see various shows now where bloggers travel to different cities, small towns, and villages to savor the unique food culture over there. In fact, there are little-known places around the world that attract tourists just to savor the authentic food available over there. You can feast your eyes on a specific foodie walking tours, which reveal the flavors and culture of cities right from Lisbon to Lima, Havana to Hanoi.


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