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What Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle Really Means

We often hear people say that they are now choosing to go for healthy living or to live a healthy lifestyle. Doctors and other healthcare professionals also often tell us that we should try to have healthy lifestyles, especially when we have problems with our health. But what does it really mean to live healthily? Does this mean that we really have to go for all the green stuff and say goodbye to the fatty foods, meats and those sickeningly sweet pastries that we all love so much?

jumping womanOne thing is for sure – when you choose the path of healthy living, you have to say goodbye to your vices, if ever you have one, like cigarette smoking and quit drinking too much alcohol almost every day. You can still drink once in a while, but remember to take it in moderation.

When you decide to live a healthy lifestyle for the better, this doesn’t mean that the next day, you already have to jog for 5 kilometers or replace the food you used to eat with just fruits and vegetables. This will take a series of little steps.

Hey, there’s no need to rush here — don’t shock your body with the sudden changes. The trick here is to incorporate little changes in your diet or way of life every day. So what does healthy living really mean? What do you have to do?

Move that body. Exercise!

We always seem to have a reason why we can’t or why we have to put off exercising. So first you have to look for something or someone to inspire and motivate you to start this. So keep this in mind, one of the major reasons you’re putting on weight is because you don’t exercise. You need to burn those extra calories you have taken by moving around. The more you exercise, the healthier you will be.

Exercising doesn’t have to be a dreadful activity for you. Look for something that would work effectively on you and at the same time, you also enjoy it. There are plenty of exercises you can choose from. You can go out and go for a walk in the neighborhood, jor or run in the park, you can join a Zumba or any dancing class, you can sign up to the gym and get fit with your friends or if you don’t like going out too much, you can buy equipment and start exercising at the comfort of your home.

So no excuses, there are many ways you can move around. The key is to push yourself to do it every day.

Eat Well

healthy saladThis is another factor in a healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy diet won’t only help you manage your weight better but it will also help you improve your health status and a better quality of life as getting older (yikes). The key to a good and healthy diet is a balance. Balance the number of carbohydrates, protein, and fats that you put in your diet. You can still have those foods you enjoy but remember to still keep the balance. And indulge yourself in your cravings once in a while but make sure to proceed with caution. As much as there’s a saying “drink responsibly,” you should practice eating responsibly too.

 Develop A Good Sleeping Habit

woman in bedEating healthy and exercising can only do so much if you are not getting enough sleep. Keep in mind that sleep is an essential need and not having enough sleep for a long period of time can definitely have a bad effect on your health. If you are an insomniac or find it hard to fall asleep easily, here are some tips you can try to get your much-deserved beauty (and healthy sleep)

a. Use aromatic candles or diffusers – this has been proven effective to promote relaxation and sleep. Before you go to bed, light a candle or turn on your diffuser and let it slowly work its magic.

b. Listen to music – play relaxing tunes to lull you to sleep. Instrumentals and meditation music will relax you and slowly put you to sleep.

c. Meditate – clear your mind of anxiety, negative thoughts or anything that’s clouding your mind. Get rid of distractions, choose your position and meditate. Do this an hour or so before you sleep.

A healthy lifestyle means taking care of yourself – mind, body, and soul. So make sure that you eat right, exercise, and get a restful sleep, and sure to be live the best life.

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