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Five Bad Habits That You Need To Get Rid Of In 2019

Habits — whether good or bad — are hard to break, but it is not entirely impossible. Sometimes, we get inspired to change our ways, prompting us to do a clean sweep of the bad habits in our lifestyle. Some people can easily tackle their bad habits while others find themselves face-to-face with various daily activities that hinder them from changing their ways, whether that’s a fast, busy lifestyle, stress at work, or issues in family. As the new year approaches, it is time to let go of our bad habits and inculcate a few new good ones. As for which habits to kick off, here are some of the worst ones you might have. If you do not have your list of resolutions sorted yet, here is your cue. Start now!

Binge Drinking

Drinking in moderation is fine, but binge drinking is not good for the body as it can have a bad effect on our gastrointestinal organs, hematologic, neurologic, and immune systems. It can even lead to a psychiatric disorder. Apart from health hazards, binge drinking has often led to DUI accidents. If that doesn’t scare you enough, it can even result in death by causing sudden strokes. We all know that drinking is often associated with being social and having fun, but do understand that one can have fun even without alcohol in their system.

Addiction To Smartphones

The emergence of smarthphones was a significant turning point in everyone’s lives, but it also started becoming a problem as more and more people have become addicted to their phones. On the upside, people have also realized the need to tone it down. Addiction to smartphones not only brings about health hazards but can also hamper personal relationships. It is true that we can’t stay away from our smartphones anymore — it has become a part of our everyday lives now. But it is equally important to have a digital detox once in a while. Why not start practicing to stay away from gadgets at least for a week every month in 2019? That way you will be able to reconnect with your inner self more regularly.


A healthy lifestyle is a new religion right now, and you can’t have one if you are addicted to smoking. Most people understand the need to stop smoking for their own good. However, it is really hard to do so. During the new year, almost every smoker says they want to stop smoking, but it’s easier said than done. But, one good way to stop smoking is by sipping on apple cider vinegar every time you feel like smoking. Apart from helping you reduce the urge to stop smoking, it will also lower cholesterol and blood pressure and is packed with antioxidants.

Not Eating Clean

Eating clean, healthy food, staying away from junk, and detoxifying your body once in a while are some of the habits we need to start. Even if you are eating fresh fruits and vegetables, it is important to remember that they might not be as fresh as they look; they might have been treated by pesticides or they might be GMOengineered fruits and vegetables which are not good for the body at all. Either practice washing them thoroughly using products that can help you remove pesticides and wax or source your food from organic farms. Eating local products and seasonal produce reduces the chance of having corrupted food on your table. Just because the world is following some fad diet that involves fruits and vegetables not available in your country at all doesn’t mean that you have to eat the same.

Not Keeping Your Surroundings Clean

Last but not least, it is not enough to keep your stomach and mind clean — we should also pay attention to our surroundings. If we do not take care of our environment, our future will be jeopardized. It is time we realize how our bad habits might affect nature. Keeping our surroundings clean, using organic products that do not produce unhealthy fumes, and reducing carbon footprints are some of the things we should start practicing and teach our next generation. Set an example for them, so that they will follow in your wake.

In reality, habits aren’t too hard to break, especially when we’re determined and passionate about changing our ways. If we can make up our mind, then nothing is impossible. Making some positive changes about your lifestyle will not only help you lead a better life but also work as a motivator as it will make you feel good. Here’s to new beginnings!

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