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Five Reasons Why Nutritionists are Recommending You to Add Microgreens to Your Diet!

Bite-sized nutrition is the big thing these days, and there are many types of food that you can opt for, but in this case, when we speak of bite-sized nutrition, we mean microgreens. These specifically refer to the baby leaves that come out first, and they are a great source of nutrients. Everyone, worth their nutritional knowledge, such as nutritionists and fitness influencers, is recommending it. Food serves its purpose when it is fresh, green, and wholesome.

No wonder we regularly spot our favorite fitness influencers adding a dash of microgreens to their healthy-looking delectable food. And if you think you need to buy them from somewhere fancy and exotic, it’s not true — also, why buy when you can grow!

And no, you don’t need a garden for that. Any pint-sized area will do. What’s more, you can grow them in the space of weeks. Microgreens are smaller than mature plants, and no, they aren’t sprouts. Sprouts are seeds that germinate in water, whereas microgreens are the first few leaves that grow on the plant, and they grow in the soil!

It’s great to know that microgreens can be made from various plants like herbs, salad greens, edible flowers, and root vegetables, making them an untapped and novel part of the nutritional world. It offers tons of benefits, and it is a flavorful way of detoxifying your body. Just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to take care of your health. It is easy to grow, as well. It doesn’t require a lot of your precious time or resources, and yes, you don’t need to cook it at all, have it raw as if you heat it, it loses its valuable nutrients. Here are five reasons why you should add microgreens to your diet.

Rich in Nutrients

A study conducted by the University of Maryland showed that these pint-sized wonders contain forty times more nutritional benefits than the matured plants. You can also find a wide variety of vitamins and minerals such as A, the entire range of B vitamins, Vitamin C and K, also essential minerals.  Also, they are full of live enzymes and great for your digestive system.

You can be smart about adding them to your foods, add them to your salads, shakes, wraps, dips the works, and notch up your food’s nutritional levels. High amounts of microgreens can make your body more alkaline and help your body to fight most diseases.

Space Isn’t a Constraint

Growing these pint-sized leaves can help you tap into your gardening skills. You can be a gardener, or rather a micro gardener. Since you do not need a lot of space, you can find a little corner of your verandah, porch, or windowsill, and you are good to go!

Grows Fast

It’s a case of instant gratification. You can grow microgreens within a space of one to three weeks, so even if you aren’t catapulted to the status of being the gardener of the year, this is a great place to begin and learn. Give it a shot, even if you are a novice, this is just a great place to start. Microgreens aren’t too costly.
Microgreens don’t require a lot of soil, water, fertilizer, and other resources, these greens don’t require a lot of infrastructures and are hence affordable from the word go. You can try the starter packs and DIY methods on Youtube to begin at home.

Easy to Harvest

Whatever may be the weather outside, you can still grow microgreens—your daily source, rather a yearly source of nutrition. Find a south-facing window for yourself, ample light, and air, and you are good to go for the first stage of micro-gardening. Involve your family. They would love the shared activity and watching your first set of baby shoots sprout like magic gives a whole new feeling of pride combined with generous doses of happiness.

A Sustainable Choice

Microgreen reaches your tables from your mini-farm! So, when food travels the shortest distance from the market to your table, it offers the most nutrition. Since it involves zero plastics and a sustainable way of growing foods, it minimizes greenhouse gas production, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Tasty and Nutritious

Adding various microgreens to your daily diet can add the right texture and crunch to your food. Basil, beets, arugula, mustard, chia, well, there is just so much to choose from. They usually offer a sweet and nutty flavor, just what the doctor ordered for your health.

There you have your five reasons to try growing microgreens in your home garden. It will pay you rich dividends.

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