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Five Simple and Fun Hobbies to Improve Your Lifestyle and Banish Stress

Hobbies are pleasurable activities we do in addition to routine duties. Most people have a hobby to get a restful sleep at night. But we see many difficulties when we start thinking of how to start. For one, setting your mind in the direction of a restful night’s sleep is hardly going to give you the equanimity needed to deal with the tensions of a troubled mind. More often than not, an excited and stimulated mind can handle a tough situation, and so, a motivation of sorts is called for. Hence, we seek the diversion of an interesting hobby to keep us going and eventually helping keep stress at bay. Here are a few suggestions:

Go For Gardening

Topping this list is gardening which is a fun activity in itself, but of course, you will find detractors. Galumphing between the bushes and garden patches every day is not going to be adventurous to many who idle away at home. But, for the few who opt to step into the ring, you get rewarded with lovely vegetables, blooming flowers, and greenery all around to please the eyes. The best vegetables to grow are broccoli, beans, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, beets, red bell peppers, and peas. For an exotic experience, try growing Japanese bonsai maple, common beech bonsai, and boxwood bonsai. Gardening is a peaceful activity with great benefits for your mind and body. What more could you ask for?

Give Paintball A Try

If you want something challenging, paintball might just tickle your fancy. Bordering on the egregious, this game is highly adaptable and provides a bucketful of fun and excitement. Paintball markers and pellets are all you need to launch the game. The marker is the gun to shoot the pellet which is a gelatin capsule containing a water-soluble dye. During the game, players of one or more teams use the colored pellets to mark the ‘enemy’ and thereby win the game. You can form a distinct objective for each game such as defending an area, planting a flag, or surrounding a corner before the other team(s) can. This exciting game proves to be a tension-killer and provides good exercise to boot.

Be More Active With Disc Golf

The best enterprise to defeat wayward aspirations is to set your sights on a hobby — one you could call your own. But if you want to try out something unique, disc golf might just be worth a try. Teams keep score of the number of throws taken to reach each hole. You can have any number of holes in the game, and this depends on how many play and how much time you have.

Engage in Yoga

Nothing beats yoga for relaxation. Practice one of the many yoga asanas to reap unlimited benefits. The pick of the lot is Viparita Karani, Balasana, and Savasana. Though the names sound bombastic, the asanas themselves are simple. In Viparita Karani, you relax on the floor with your legs up the wall. To do Balasana, kneel on the floor and slowly put your hands down on the floor in front of you. Bring your head down and relax. Savasana is the corpse pose. Lie on the ground and relax your body until your breathing slows down. If you really want to get into yoga, head on over to YouTube and check out a variety of videos on yoga for beginners. You might have a hard time at first, but the more you practice, the better your body will respond. Use this magnificent method of relaxation to ease the stress!

Try Social Dancing

For outgoing people, social dancing helps relieve stress and keeps the body healthy. Take your pick from salsa, tango, swing, or kizomba. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the dance style — you will soon learn the more you engage in this activity. Dancing helps loosen the muscles and break tension in the body. It helps us meet new partners and improve our social interactions. Go to the nearest dance club, and you will soon be start feeling more energetic and at ease.

Obviously, you can pick whichever hobby catches your fancy — everyone has different interests and tastes after all. Whichever activity you choose to deal with stress, it’s important to focus on keeping yourself happy with whatever you are doing. And most importantly, have fun!

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