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Five Tips That Will Make Your Spring Garden Stand Out!

Preparing a perfect garden is a passion for many. Though you might have selected the right plants to include in your perfect spring garden in your backyard, your job has just begun. In order to have a great garden, you need to prepare it well and maintain it on a regular basis. Before you start with the plantation, here are some crucial steps — or rather, rules — that you need to follow. Follow these tips one by one if you want the perfect backyard garden this spring season.

Arrange Your Shed Properly

Reach out for your tools. Oil the hinges, sharpen the blades, and if necessary, go for an upgrade or an expansion of your arsenal. A well-oiled or a sharpened instrument makes your task a lot easier than having to struggle with rusty or dull tools. This is also the perfect time to restock your resources. Check out if you have an ample amount of fertilizers and soil amendments at your fingertips. Reload the plant supports and arrange whatever you will be needing well before time. Getting everything done in the shed while the weather outside is being a bit unfavorable would prove to be beneficial in the long run. Moreover, you will have lots more to do during the spring, and doing this first will save time.

Remove Weeds, Debris, and Mulch

The second rule is you need to clear out every single weed, debris, and mulch that you see until you reach bare soil. You might be concerned about any living weed, but the soil must be made free of these, and dispose of these properly in the garbage bin and make sure to secure the bag in order to prevent the germination of any seed. You do have the option of burning these pesky weeds but that’s not good for the environment, isn’t it? Additionally, if you leave any weed behind, they would probably come back and ruin all the plants that you have planted in your garden.  Aside from that, keep in mind that you need to remove fresh mulch if you want to expose the soil.

Prune Away!

Trees and shrubs need a good pruning regularly. The perfect time for pruning is around late winter or early spring. Pruning helps you in shaping the plant much before the buds break out from their dormant stage and begin to infuse energy into its branches. Butterfly bushes, flowering dogwoods, redbuds, honeysuckles, wisterias, and roses are some plants that you can prune this season. But before you start, there are a few things that you need to consider. Sterilize your pruners with isopropyl alcohol and use a clean rag before every cut. This would help in preventing the spreading of plant diseases. Along with that, there are some plants that must not be pruned during this particular phase of the year. Magnolias, mountain laurels, weigelas, lilacs, and a few others must be pruned after the bloom season is over. So make sure to do your research.

Prepare The Soil

After the frost is gone and the soil is back in form, focus on your garden beds. During the winter season, the soil becomes a bit compact. So, it becomes necessary to loosen it by turning or tilting it in the right measure. Dig the soil up to 12 to 14 inches deep and loosen it up as much as you can. A well-composted leaf-litter should be mixed into it. As mentioned earlier, make sure to remove the mulch. The next step is to add amendments and compost to the mixture. Go for a quick soil test to check out the pH and nutrient levels to help you properly assess the condition of your garden. That will tell you what kind of materials you might need to add. If your soil is poor or clay-based, it is imperative to include a good layer of compost. That will help in improving the texture of the soil.

Set Up Garden Beds

You might get intrigued by lovely new plant varieties that catalogs offer and at the end of the day, you might end up ordering more plants than required. This is the perfect time of the year when you can build garden beds and order new pots so that you can showcase your extensive collection of gorgeous new plants.

If you can follow these tips above, rest assured that your spring garden would shape up exactly the way you want. Hence, without much delay, prepare your work boots and get down to work.

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