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Five Unconventional Ways of Celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Every Valentine’s day we are busy making and most of the time we end up spending a bomb over cliche stuff. While you may be constantly bombarded by retailers to buy gifts for your special someone there may be better ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day. You can get creative and go beyond roses and teddy bears. You can make this day memorable not just for the special someone but for all the loved ones around you. It’s the thought that counts and not just the material gifts.

 A Jar Of Love

The best way to profess your love is to put it in words. However, you need not go the conventional way of writing letters or poems. Instead, you could fill a jar of sweet words for your beloved to read every time they feel low. You could also write tiny notes to lift their spirits and remind them of your never-ending love. Sweet tiny notes are, therefore, a great way to express your love and make someone feel special. However, this does not mean you should refrain from writing letters. You could write many love letters and give them to your loved ones, asking them to open them on special occasions.

For instance, read when you miss me, read when you wake up, and so on! Write handwritten notes and fill the jar with them. You can make it more special by writing on tissue paper, old calendar pages, magazine clippings, decoupage, and the works. We bet you will see the grumpiest family member smiling away when they read your handwritten notes.

Revisit Memories

Well, remember the good memories of the past is the ultimate way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. You can take out an old box and fill it with the family’s fondest memories ever. You can also make your other family members join in the festival and contribute in their small ways. Children can contribute in their own cute and meaningful way.

It might surprise you to know how they can think deep when they write their innermost thoughts. The oldest family member can share beautiful anecdotes from their childhood days. In fact, why limit it to Valentine’s Day only? You can enjoy the same, on other days too. It increases the bonding among family members and helps them bring closer together.

Have An Emotions Book

Teach kids the feelings of love by indulging in various activities. Ask the younger ones to make an emotions book, where they write, their feelings. When you fill the pages of a scrapbook, you get to know their innermost thoughts. After many years when you look back upon the years or go through the scrapbook, it will fill your heart with a warm and fuzzy feeling. That’s how you should feel, right? Something that is not material-based yet manages to make you feel giddy with happiness, frothy, and light-in-the-feet! Well, you know that feeling.

Cook With Your Family

Have you ever tried cooking with your family? Cooking alone can be so boring sometimes. The opposite happens when the whole family crowd together in the kitchen to cook together. Ah, we know the adage too many cooks spoil the broth! But in this case, you won’t mind even if the broth gets spoiled, because the main ingredients, in this case, would be love, unadulterated love! Put on some peppy track and do a bit of dancing as you cook with your kids, parents, and grandparents. Yeah, if you can do that, you are the luckiest person in the world! Imagine having cake by the kitchen with your entire family! No better way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, or for that matter, any day!

Gift A Seed

Chocolates and flowers are passé. Gifting a sapling or seed packet will immortalize your love. It is a gift that can stand the test of time, and of course, it is something eco-friendly and precious. You can gift seeds of your favorite flowers. There is no joy in watching it bloom one day with your nurture and care.

Well, these are some of our favorite ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day. What is Valentine’s day? Something which is nurturing, all-empowering and priceless! Try these amazing and gift hacks and look at the way the recipient of your gift smiles. That is your reward, right. That is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

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