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Five Workout Ideas to Help You Let Off Some Steam!

Exercise gives your body a daily dose of endorphins to manage stress. As endorphins are happy hormones, they help you overcome feelings of tension, stress, and exhaustion.  It not only enables you to beat the immediate stress but arms you with happy hormones that help you manage things in your life better. But isn’t exercise also a type of stress? Well, it is, but it is what you can call, the good kind of stress. It helps deal with all the short-term stressors with more efficacy. When we are stressed or angry, we may clench our muscles without our knowledge.

And that’s what works in exercise too. It helps you control your emotions by channeling your stress from your brains to a different muscle. While most people count on yoga for stress relief, studies prove that hitting the gym could be equally effective.  Well, exercise may not be the be-all or end-all recipe for stress-buster, but it is a pretty effective tool to help you beat stress at its own game. While we know, yoga can be useful or breathing exercises. There are some other options that you need to look into to reap some pretty amazing benefits.

Strength Training

While yoga and meditation are great ways to calm your senses at times, it might not be enough. It would help if you found a way to channelize your stress, emotions, and energy in the right direction, and one way to do that is to hit the gym. You can focus on strength training and channel all your energy into building muscles. Strength training makes you feel powerful, and it offers that bit of weighted movement with a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells.

You can include more compound movements, such as overhead presses with squats, kneeling windmills with a kettlebell. It strengthens you, and it offers you that after burn. Yes, you end up expending calories long after you are done with your exercise. Not to forget, there is nothing like a bad workout. After a thirty-minute session, you’ll probably feel a lot better!


You may have trouble sticking to gym-based workouts. And it might feel not so relaxing if you are racing against time to meet your workout routine. However, you could always count on sports to give you that much-needed break from work. You could pick a sport of your choice and indulge in an hour or two of gameplay as often as you can.

And that would not just act as stress relief, but also give you a chance to bond with like-minded people. Besides that, playing in a group can help you distract your mind and tear your mind away from what you ate obsessing over. It may even help you focus on smaller things, such as winning the game. There’s no greater stress-buster than an adrenaline-pumping game!


A forty-five minute Pilates exercise session has the power to stretch out those tight muscles and amp up the circulation. It also challenges your body and refreshes your mind and body. So, when you do a Pilates workout, you can include many things, such as weights, resistance bands, the works.

Pilates can also come to your rescue when you want to break over the monotony of a workout or do something different in the middle of your Yoga and meditation sessions. And with Pilates helpful in building a strong body-mind connection, you would benefit in more than one way out of it!


This is one workout that needs no equipment, training, or effort. The impact of a good run can last a long time and give you the resilience to power through a rough day. So, all you need to do is put on your running shoes and hit the road!

HIIT workouts

A HIIT is a perfect workout and the remedy you need to do away with stress. HIIT or High-intensity interval training gives the benefits of a one-hour workout in just twenty-minutes in some cases even seven minutes. You have to amplify the intensity and with little to no rest in between. You can add a bit of resistance training with bursts of cardio. And you could do these workouts outside your home, too, to catch up on some fresh air.

So, here are some options for you to explore, the next time, you feel overly stressed and in dire need of some sugary treat. When you are regular with your exercise, it makes you the resilient person you want to be!

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