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Here’s How You Can Make Your Honeymoon ‘Financially’ Romantic!

The precious moments you share with your spouse alone after getting married will probably be one of the loveliest memories you’ll both have of each other. Because of this, couples start planning their honeymoon at least six months ahead of their wedding to ensure a romantic and memorable trip. You may think that it’s too early to start planning for your honeymoon so well in advance, but it’s always advisable to start early to plan properly. For example, the more you procrastinate, the higher your chances of missing out on that dream honeymoon destination. Someone else might just book the premium cabin on that dream cruise! Also, the earlier you book a spot, the less you have to shell out as the best destinations usually offer early bird discounts and many more offers. Here’s how you can plan it ahead and make your honeymoon ‘financially’ romantic.

Choose Where To Go

What would happen if you yearn the white sands of the Caribbean beach while your new partner prefers to explore the wonders of the Himalayas? One of you might have to compromise. To avoid this confusion, make sure you start planning travels on the same map. You may take some time out with your bride or groom-to-be to research your options and to discuss what kind of honeymoon destination you both will probably like.

Find Out The Cheapest Vacation Options

If you and your partner have decided to go to a tropical destination, think first about what is about beaches and the tropical weather that you really love — do you want one with snorkeling activities? Spa services by the shore? Whatever it is, find the closest beach on the map which would gift you a slice of what you expect from a beach, of course without that exorbitant price tag. You can use Google Maps to look for the closest beach (or any other area) that exactly offers the same environment you are currently looking for. If you get the complete information on the location, you can then do your homework on looking for the hotel with best deal in the area.

What Kind Of Amenities Would Make The Honeymoon Special?

First off, decide on which kind of amenities you probably need that would give you the best value for your hard-earned dollars. For instance, if you can just relax and have a gala time in a three-star hotel, do not shell out the extra amount for a four-star hotel. If you are not particularly interested in a private island-type villa, you may just go for AirBNB deals to save a couple of extra bucks. You can just look up on Google to find almost all the amenities you want during your honeymoon.

What Kind Of Activities You Are Interested In?

Fun and exciting activities often form a big part of honeymoons. If you are interested in a specific activity such as paragliding, you may use global travel information portals such as TripAdvisor to find out what kind of options you have. Also, you can read real traveler reviews on hotels, activities, and places to see around a particular location. Find out more about what kind of activities they took part in and what they really enjoyed. There are travel portals where you can find user-generated images and videos alongside detailed reviews. If you can go through these reviews, your job would just become easier.

Check Out Coupon Deals

Aside from Groupon, there are now a whole lot of websites that come up with exciting deals on hotels, flights, and getaways every now and then. If you have already found your dream honeymoon destination, you can browse these cool deals to get hefty discounts on whatever you purchase or book for your trip. Also, do not forget to check out the best airfare on flight deals websites in case you are flying off to somewhere abroad. You may also bid your own price on sites like Priceline and set up alerts on airfare comparison websites so that you get an alert when the price drops and so on.

To wrap it all up, if you want to make your honeymoon financially romantic, you need to hone your negotiation skills. When you are visiting a new place, you would be treated by default as a ‘tourist’. Try to remove this invisible tag and don’t just settle for a price, no matter what you do or buy. Instead, be confident, act like a local, and negotiate until you are satisfied. Happy trip!

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