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Here’s Why Learning Pottery Is a Great Lifestyle Addition for Kids

It is important to add pottery to your kid’s daily lifestyle as it benefits them in numerous ways. Also, kids get a wonderful sense of accomplishment by creating pretty little colorful things. It’s not just artwork, it enriches your kid’s life in a number of ways. It is important to enlist them in potter classes early on so that they absorb most of the benefits and continue to reap their benefits as they grow older.  Find out why it should be an integral part of your child’s growing-up years.

Clay Has Great Soothing Qualities

Clay has the property to hold your child’s interest for hours, and it can immediately calm you. If you happen to visit a pottery class for children, you may see them quietly indulging in their practice, busy creating beautiful works of art. It especially helps kids who are hyperactive, they enjoy their moments of quietude, which calms and soothes them down. When they are in a quieter state of mind their suddenly become more creative.

Improving Their Sense of Creativity

When you have a child who picks up a different color for painting their created product instead of the traditional color, such as say coloring a clay turtle purple instead of saying green or brown, it expresses one aspect of their brain. It exercises their creativity part. Also, clay is easy to handle and children with small nimble fingers can mold clay with amazing dexterity. When your child uses clay, they can break it and mold it again, so clay as they say is very forgiving. This way it improves their resilience.

Enhances Motor Skills

Pottery classes help enhance the children’s motor skills as it helps improve the arm and hand muscles. As the children started manipulating the clay they discover the power of these tools. These also help improve their fine motor skills as it helps improve their hand-eye coordination. It can also help your child improve their penmanship. Once the children pick up their hand-eye coordination skills, they can use them outside their pottery classes.

Gentle Stimulation of Sensory Development

If you walk right into pottery class for children, you will see that their senses will be glutted and help in the development of senses. Clay and paint also help in the development of the sense of sight and touch with clay. A class gives children the chance to absorb a number of things at their own pace. Children can create art based on various development stages, and it also provides a safe environment to practice in their own way and at pace.

Self-esteem Improvement

You also see a sense of satisfaction and happiness on your kid’s faces after you see them creating a pottery product. Even if the vase looks queerly shaped and painted on one side, the child gets a sense of achievement by creating something new and unique. Pottery class hence can improve self-esteem because children can control what they create projects and immediately see results. Perfection is not what the teachers teach the kids, they teach them creativity. Children learn from their pottery class that they can create something fun with their hands and get a creativity kick out of it.

Resolving Problems in a Safe Environment

Grades and/or trophies are not doled out in pottery class. It is just a safe ambiance for children to learn something new without feeling any kind of pressure. Also, learning is not imposed on them, but it comes naturally from them. Although, parents mean well they are often in a preachy mode. So, kids may not be able to grasp the learnings from their parents. But this is one of the ways children can learn without parental interference. They will learn when the clay dries off when the clay in their hands more water, all this needs your kid to utilize their finer judgment. This also enhances their problem-solving skills.

As you see, pottery classes do show multiple benefits. It not only works as a great base for your kids but it also impacts their lives in the future. They learn without having learned on their agenda, this way kids don’t miss out on the fun. You will just have smiling, happy, and creative kids enjoying the whole learning process.


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