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Here’s How Being Obsessed With Diet Culture Can Negatively Effect Your Mental Health

As the world is rejoicing the new religion – healthy living, psychologists have brought to our attention a new kind of mental disorder, that has been touted as a big deal. Eating disorders are not uncommon or new. They have been around for years now. Anorexia and Bulimia are the most common kinds of eating disorders. But, we should be very worried and aware about a new eating disorder – orthorexia nervosa. This is caused by being extremely obsessed with healthy food and restricting certain foods that are called by certain diet trends. We all know being obsessed with anything can do us no good, even if it is for a better and healthier body. Simply because might lead to less consumption of food and finally the person will suffer from a lack of proper nutrients. These are the signs to watch out for if you or someone close to you has an overly healthy food obsession.

Fixation With The Quality Of Food

While most of us are aware of the kind of corruption that has spoiled our fresh produces, people suffering from this disorder take their worries to another level by being completely fixated about the quality of the food. They insist on getting farm fresh, pesticide-free food all the time. They also opt for vegetarian/vegan food and try to eat clean. While none of this might seem like a big ask or deal, for people with this disorder, the quality is more important than the quantity. They make it a point to avoid food that does not fit the bill and become obsessive about it too. The notable behavior on their part is their inflexibility to accommodate so-called bad foods even for once.

Feeling of Guilt When Routines Are Broken

These people get a huge feeling of guilt and are almost in emotional turmoil if they fail to follow the usual routine that they feel is good for them. They are ashamed and suffer from distress if they end up eating something that is considered unhealthy. Some of us will sometimes be naughty and order that extra side of fries with our meal, but we typically don’t lose sleep over it. If someone is suffering from orthorexia nervosa, they can actually have sleepless nights after an event like this with thoughts similar to ” What have I done?!” This is why this disease needs proper medical attention.

Not Touching Certain Food Groups

The various diet fads these days tell us not to have carbs, sugar, fat, etc. We follow the rules diligently, to lose weight and to have a better body. Being healthy is so in, these days, nobody seems to want to have big meals. However, nutritionists believe cutting out entire food group from our diet might have dire consequences on our health. Hence eliminating carbs and fat can do you more bad than good.

Severe Anxiety About Falling Ill

Not only are these people obsessed with their food, but they are also obsessed with their health! They constantly worry about falling ill and getting terrible diseases. They brand certain food as poison and always worry about not having whole or clean food. Though most food cannot make them ill right away or are not harmful at all, yet they keep worrying about them and stays about them too.

Severe Loss Of Weight

Sudden loss of weight can be indicative of several diseases and orthorexia nervosa is also one of them. When you lose weight it shows that your body is missing out on the most important nutrients, mostly the fats and using up the reserve fat of the body. Cutting out certain food groups might be good for your body at times, but it can have other effects too.

While these symptoms might seem normal for most of us, look out for signs of overdoing them. Experts believe that it is important to eat clean, but it is important to be flexible too, only that way we can be happy about the food we are consuming and that will help us stay healthy.




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