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Introducing Kourtney Kardashian’s Latest Lifestyle Brand: Poosh

After weeks of speculation and keeping her fans waiting with bated breath, Kourtney Kardashian has made her clan proud by officially coming up with Poosh, her lifestyle website. Supposedly, Poosh is all set to deal with education, motivation, and creation, aside from curating a lifestyle that’s appropriate for modern times. The website is filled with content, a few of which have been voiced by Kourtney herself. That’s not all! Poosh will also probably deal with trending topics such as health and wellness, beauty, motherhood, interior design, and many more. In fact, the website is being hailed as a modern guide to living the best, if not, perfect life.

What’s Poosh?

The official Instagram account of Poosh declares the website isn’t a monologue. On the contrary, it’s a dialogue. If that is the case, then it’s for certain that Poosh will be providing users with a platform they need to interact with other users, the brand, as well as Kourtney herself. As per what sources have revealed, the website has been created to cover every significant issue. Whatever you see in the photos on the brand’s Instagram account is an integral part of Kourtney’s line. Poosh is being considered to be a beauty brand, but it’s way more than that. It’s, in fact, a lifestyle brand and it will include stuff like colognes and towels. In addition to that, the brand will also be promoting and endorsing other people’s goods and services and will have a retail store available online. Great going!

What Does The Name Imply?

Following recent social media trends, many internet companies have incorporated double O’s in their brand names. It seems like the names could mean nothing but could still mean everything. Kourtney probably followed suit while brainstorming for the name of her lifestyle brand. However, this Kardashian has an emotional connection with Poosh. According to reports, her daughter, Penelope, is lovingly called Poosh and now you know how the brand has derived its name.

Poosh Already Has 2.3 Million Followers on Instagram!

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is quite popular on social media, and their every single activity is lapped up by the media and their followers. However, people were quite surprised to see that Poosh had garnered around 2.2 million followers during the time it posted the first teaser. Later on, it was found out that Kourtney had taken control of Dash’s Instagram account. Dash happens to be her, Kim, and Khloe’s now-defunct boutique. This account was renamed Poosh, and in the bargain, Kourtney retained the massive following. Intelligent, isn’t she? As per the actual estimation, Poosh has garnered 100,000 followers over the last one week. Pretty impressive!

How Do You Stay In The Loop?

It has been a whole week since Poosh has been launched, and its Instagram account has been filled with posts. With that being said, no one is 100 percent clear about the brand’s vision or objective. People are still in the dark regarding what purposes will serve. Fans are restless and are waiting for the day when Kourtney will actually spill the beans. They are actually waiting with bated breath for the new brand to be rolled out. Well, all your curiosities can be answered if you visit the Poosh website and sign up for an update via your email. You will automatically receive a notification once there is an official launch of the brand. Till then, you have no other option but wait. Hopefully, Kourtney will come up with something very exciting soon.

Kourtney has proved her entrepreneurship skills time and again, and this time, she will be arriving with something that might bowl you over. Her fans and followers have complete faith in her and know that some exciting stuff is in the pipeline. Her snap on the brand’s Instagram account— her posing with a drink in hand in collaboration with Vital Proteins — received rave reviews and has made people go weak in their knees. Her fans are getting curious about what exactly Poosh is, and this is where the excitement lies. Some alleged answers are doing the rounds, but you have to wait to hear from the horse’s mouth. It’s being anticipated that fans will go gaga once the cat is let out of the bag. We honestly can’t wait!

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