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Latest Food Trends in 2021 That You Should Totally Follow!

What is going to be the food and drink trends in the coming year? Well, it is not very easy to say that. The pandemic has made food one of the most important things in our lives, mostly because it did offer a lot of comfort during difficult times. Whether you have food at home or a restaurant, it offers an experience that very few people can ignore.

Also, the ever-changing food trends keep the concept of food interesting. So, what are the trends that have the power to keep us hooked in the years to come? From virtual cooking classes to Michelin-starred restaurants, food has been the one factor that kept the world around us going around.

Meal Kits

Meal kits have kept the restaurant industry going over the past year. It offers a restaurant-like experience right at home. This has proven to be a vital source of income for chefs. These meal kits involve many options, right from street food to gourmet, from luscious burgers to cheesy pizzas. Of course. Most restaurants are changing the way we look at the dining experience with exotic menus. So, what if you may not be able to visit your favorite restaurant to eat your favorite food?

You can still try that restaurant-like experience at home, and the meal kits ensure you have everything in place. Of course, instead of dressing up for the restaurant, you end up tingletting meet drab meet exotic and and eat gourmet in your pajamas, but this concept is here to say, even when we put our back to this whole pandemic thing. Chefs are working towards making this a thing, with or without the pandemic. So while people may come back in droves to savor their favorite delicacies, the eat-at-home-and-comfort is here to stay and enjoy.

 Virtual Cooking Classes

Virtual cooking classes are catching on to the trend of the meal kit boom. Many chefs record short video tutorials to instruct the novice and the experienced to help finish dishes at home. While it started this way, it continued to be big, which transformed into this full-scale, live, comes-at-a-fee cooking class.

Celebrity chefs such as Tom Aikens offer weekly online classes. There. There revered chefs such as French baker Dominique Ansel who bring his creations from his kitchen to yours, teaching you how to bake a perhownut!

Vegan Fish

Plant-based burgers have already caught the fancy of vegans and non-vegans. But that’s stale news now; the next plant-based food to catch the attention of the eclectic foodie is the plant-based ‘fish’ options. The best part of these vegan alternatives is they are an eco-friendly way to fuse taste, texture, and nutrition in a wholesome package. While you may not eat salmon and tuna, you can settle for a vegan version of them instead.

 Pop-up Burgers

Burgers are something that most foodies cannot have enough of. And thanks to the Michelin-starred restaurants, it is once again enjoying a spot under the sun. In Copenhagen, there was Noma, which started the burger pop-up that became incredibly popular and earned a permanent venture, also known as POPL, in December.

There is Septime in Paris that offered a limited-edition cheeseburger that clubs the gravy and smoked mayonnaise. Another restaurant called Mana, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Manchester,, started with the special takeaway-only burger, and hook the foodies.

Mammoth Sandwiches

Why should you settle for a small version of your favorite food when you can have bigger, read giant versions of them? The giant sandwich has been trending for some time now. Popular restaurants are specializing in sandwiches that are giving the nod to the adage epic proportions.

So, whether you have a doner, mackerel, or falafel sandwich, or you have a humble chicken sandwich, you cannot ignore these huge sandwiches that are tummy-filling and soul-satisfying. Oh, while we are on the topic of sandwiches, the hefty fried squid sandwiches are reigning supreme in our favorite list. Do not forget to add it to your list of must-have foods in 2021.

Food offers solace when nothing else comes. Whether you cook food, feed your near and dear ones, or eat something from your favorite restaurant, it is something that continues to revive, invigorate and offer generous dozes of happiness in our lives. Let’s celebrate food this year! It stood by us when we needed it the most!

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