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Learn How to Master Your Time With These Five Lifestyle Tips

We think everyone agrees here – the biggest complaint we hear from everyone is about how little time they have. Everyone has some set of excuses as to why they have no time in their day to do this or that. While there are certainly some people who really do have little time, the vast majority are simply fooling themselves! You may be one of them! You can’t say there’s no time in a day, and then in the next breath talk about how you’ve binged watched Game of Thrones. Now, let’s get real and look at five ways you can make more time in your day to be more productive, accomplish more, and sleep better at night!

Get Real

Cut the bull. The very first step in making time magically appear in your day is to identify and to admit that you do have a problem – if you do. You cannot find more time in your day if you are convinced there isn’t any. So admit it to yourself, if not to anyone else, that you do waste time through your day. Identify the biggest time-wasting activities in your day. Perhaps you watch TV as you eat breakfast or lunch, making you linger longer than necessary, idling. Perhaps you check your phone too often and become distracted by it, leading you to lose time on following links, ending up on social media or reading articles you didn’t mean to click on. Be honest, and work on changing these things.

Plan, Plan, Plan

There’s a reason that planning is such an integral component of the business world. Businessmen have a lot to get done, and so do employees, and everyone in the workplace has to follow a plan to get their work done and to ensure that their workload doesn’t pile up. Why does this not apply to other aspects of life? Well, it does. Planning your day helps you have direction throughout your day and helps you stick to what has to get done for the day. Create a to-do list and make it clear. Do not multi-task, and rather place all your focus on one task at a time. Use a timer to help you stay on track and not get carried away as you do tasks. Also, don’t forget to add breaks and some fun activities to keep you going, by doing what you enjoy in between tasks.

Wake Up Earlier

We aren’t saying you should get up at 5 AM if you’re used to getting up at 9 AM. However, slowly work on waking up earlier each day; work your way to a time that you are comfortable with and one that allows you to be refreshed and productive. Develop a good morning routine that you look forward to, perhaps by starting out your day with something you enjoy, like reading one chapter of a book, doing some yoga or meditation, or sipping on a cup of coffee on your patio. This gives you something to look forward to, helping you wake up. There’s something about getting up earlier that simply helps you get a whole lot more done in a shorter space of time, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. You may end up loving getting up earlier!


It has never been easier than the present time to find help with whatever you need help with. Be it data capturing, responding to emails, cleaning your home, preparing your meals, or even scheduling your social media. There is practically an infinite resource for help. In fact, delegation can simply be as easy as asking for help around the house – share the chores with your kids, roommate, or spouse. Take turns making dinner or hire a weekly cleaning service to handle your biggest household cleaning jobs.

Wouldn’t you love to accomplish a whole lot more in a day than you generally do? How soundly would you sleep if you know you’ve struck off several items off of your to-do list – things that would normally take you weeks, or maybe even months, to complete. It’s the little, nagging items in a to-do list that make us feel overwhelmed. Make it your daily challenge to strike off as much as you can from your set of tasks or activities and enjoy the feeling of being the master of your own time!


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