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How To Live A Hippie Lifestyle in These Modern Times

If you somehow came across people who look like Bob Marley, wearing dyed, flowing t-shirts and smelling like essential oils, you’ll probably wonder what kind of people they are. Well, they’re hippies, of course.

You’ve probably heard of hippies, right? These are a group of young people who were famous in the ’60s and ’70s. Back then, they were viewed differently, but in these modern times, most are accepted well, and perhaps it’s because of today’s generation having a broader spectrum of ideas and are more optimistic than ever.

The hippie lifestyle is a movement of people that enjoys communal living, shares a love for nature, expresses their freedom, and loves everyone no matter what.

But the world is changing — while there is progress, society is harsher than ever, and nature is slowly dying. But hippies emerge stronger because they are widely accepted unlike before. Hippies nowadays keep up with technology while keeping their souls grounded to their roots, making them a modern hippie. Below are some points on how a hippie lives in recent days.

The Clothing

Hippies love their free-flowing and colorful outfits. For them, these represent the colors of the earth. Modern hippies aren’t afraid to wear what they want to express who they are. They don’t mind if the colors of their outfits don’t mix!

A Big Heart

Hippies love nature — that’s a fact. No matter what or who you are, even if you hate them, they will still love you. They do not think of hurting anyone nor fight back because they choose to live peacefully.

Because of their big heart, hippies are known to be the protector of the voiceless like the animals. They are very compassionate towards them. This is why hippies don’t wear leather or fur as they are against animal cruelty.  They channel this through joining programs that are against animal cruelty.

Not Tech Savvy

Most hippies are not tech-savvy, not because they do not have any knowledge about it, but because they choose to do so for a reason. They can’t deny that the use of a smartphone is beneficial, but they believe that technology is ruining the environment. A practical modern hippie uses a phone with no internet, and they will only use it if it is necessary.

Politically Educated

saying signs placards causeWith all the political chaos and problems in the world, a modern-day hippie is not naïve or ignorant about it. They are fully aware of the political issues and even openly discuss it to other people to raise awareness. Sometimes, they can be aggressive when it comes to political protest and openly voice out their concerns.

The Love of Dance and Body Movements

Yoga is not only famous for its great health benefits, but this is also one kind of spiritual healing. And it’s one form of exercise that hippies love. Aside from this, modern-day hippies also love to dance, giving their bodies the freedom to move and be carefree.

Healing Crystals

The discovery of a lot of healing crystals and its uses is nothing new to hippies. It has a lot of believers now.  A modern hippie does not only believe in these stones but also wear it as jewelry and a part of their daily outfit.

Barefoot or Not

Hippies love the feeling of their bare feet on the ground. However, they use sandals now when needed. They shy away from closed shoes or boots. Simplicity is still the main point.


A modern hippie loves to explore and doesn’t see anything but beauty anywhere they go. Capturing this beauty is special for them; that’s why the modern camera is a huge help.

Money is Not a Problem

Hippies are aware of the need for money and how powerful it can be. But they are not into it, unlike regular people who rely on cash to live properly. They don’t value it as much as a regular person. They believe in using what resources they have to fulfill their needs. In short, the hippies live life king size and on their own terms.

The bottom line is, even though they’re part of the modern world, they stick to their roots. They have no inhibitions or whatsoever. They live life to the fullest being carefree. Are you interested to embrace the hippie lifestyle?

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