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Living On-Campus Vs Off-Campus – Here’s How to Weigh Your Options

While entering into college life is exciting, most students have to face a dilemma; whether to live on-campus or off-campus because they both have their own advantages and disadvantages.  To make the right decision, a student first has to realize his own situation; this process can be very lengthy. Make the correct decision by evaluating both the advantages and disadvantages of on-campus and off-campus.

The Advantages of Living Off-campus

Commuter Facility – Most colleges and universities offer commuter facilities and assistance to the students so that they stay up to date with ongoing college events and activities. Stay connected with the college and they never miss anything; they can easily come and go to the campus.

Stay Away from the Logistical Hustle – Students living off-campus do not have to get engaged in the hustle of fire alarms, evacuations, the move-in process, and random room checks by college security staff. Also, some colleges demand students to move out during seasonal vacations; this can be very troublesome for many, for example, the students who live far away in other states or do not want to go back home. Also, packing and unpacking can be very bothersome. Hence, students living off-campus stay away from all this chaos.

Save Money – The biggest benefit for students living off-campus is that they do not have to pay a hefty amount of money to live as college residents; they can save that for some other beneficial purposes.

The Disadvantages of Staying Off-Campus

Regular Travel Hustle – The students living off-campus have to travel regularly to come and go from college, which can be tiring and stressful especially if they get early morning classes and have to reach college on time. Also, there will be a regular hustle of parking their cars or scooters. Moreover, there will be everyday fuel expenses which they have to bear.

Missed Opportunities – As students living away from college might miss lots of college events. Because the events might not always happen during college regular timings. And it will not always be convenient for students to commute to events at odd times. So, there is quite a chance that they won’t be able to make a lot of friends and enjoy their college life fully.

The Advantages of Living On-Campus

Housing Facilities – The RA (Resident Advisor/Assistant), Hall Council, Desk Assistants, and other support staff, aim to make the college experience for all students easier. Residential Life staff will often organize events, especially for residents to entertain themselves. Resident support staff are there to facilitate the connections students make through college. They are there to get students engaged, and provide a better learning environment to support the success of all students.

Longer Sleeping Hours – Students living on campus can sleep longer than students living off-campus, as they don’t have to worry about time to travel distance, unexpected traffic, unexpected vehicle malfunctions, or parking hustle. Also, there are minimal chances they miss their morning classes or face late-coming penalties. Because they just have to get up, dress up and go off to their respective classes.

More Friends and Connections – Students living on campus get more chances to develop stronger friendships with their college fellows, as they become their family; doing everything together and making beautiful memories. Such connections don’t only help in studies but are often very beneficial in professional life achievements and growth. Also, they get a better opportunity to make connections with their college staff.

The Disadvantages of Living On-campus

Strict Check over the Clock – Although the resident staff’s job is to facilitate students, they also keep a strict eye on every student which might be very irritating for many pupils. They are often not allowed to stay away late at night from their hostel; smoking is another thing that is generally not allowed to college residents. There are also many other rules and regulations which on-campus students are obliged to follow.

Irritating Roommates – Students living on-campus have to share their rooms with one or more is always not possible to get the best mates. Often roommates have disputes among them because their habits and lifestyles don’t match and arise many privacy issues too.

As we highlighted some pros and cons of choosing on-campus or off-campus living, the final decision depends on the student’s lifestyle, priorities, comfort level, and affordability. Students must take the most suitable decision considering all these factors.

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