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Do You Love Snorkeling? Here Are Some Must Visit Places Around the World to Try Out Your Snorkeling Skills!

If you are someone who has been appreciating the underwater world in videos, then it is time to explore the azure wonders at least once in your life. It is a brilliant experience to see the beautiful sea creatures and the magnificent underwater ecosystem. Live corals are certainly one of the most sought-after seawater creatures you can ever see. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. When you go snorkeling you not only get to see the live corals, you also swim and enjoy the aquatic life as you lose yourself to a world far removed from the one we live in. If you want to experience the exotic oceanic world, here are some places around the world that you must explore.

 Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The great barrier reef has everything going for it – right from beautiful marine life to eye-popping coral. It is also the world’s largest reef system with 2,900 individual reefs and corals that stretch up to 1,400 miles off the Queensland shoreline. There are varied species of fish and sea turtles found in the reef. You can enjoy the beauty of this destination all year round from various spots – right from your basecamp in Cairns or Port Douglas.

 Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Komodo National Park is ensconced in Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda archipelago, a chain of volcanic islands that stretch eastward from Java. It was established around 1980 to preserve the Komodo Dragon and has remained a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site for the last six years. As one of the five islands where you spot unique lizards in the wild, the National Park also garners a lot of attention. However, you can’t ignore the surrounding waters that have been enjoying the protected status for more than 30 years. The reefs are thriving with exotic undersea life such as dugongs, sharks, manta rays, and more than 1000 species of tropical fish.

Devil’s Crown, Galápagos

Devil’s Crown is an extinct sunken volcanic cone near Floreana Island that attracts snorkelers and divers from across the world. It enjoys the underwater kaleidoscope of fish, eagle rays, and shy reef sharks. Located 600 miles west of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, the Galápagos Islands are heaven on earth for animal lovers. The area got its nickname from the circular formation of jagged lava rocks. In just a few minutes inside the Devil’s Crown, you will be bedazzled by mind-boggling sea turtles and eagle rays, a sight flying around the green-colored coral reefs.

Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada

The marine sculpture garden at Molinere Sculpture Park in Grenada is certainly one of the most gorgeous places you have set your eyes on. Here you can enjoy a range of scenic beauty, from lush mountains to beautiful cliffs making their way to the tranquil waters. Pick a boat around the Pink Gin Beach and you can spot an excess of ecological art right at the sandy bottom of Molinere Bay. The colorful fish along with coral-graced cement sculptures make for a wonderful sight, one that you are unlikely to forget any time soon.

Bay of Donsol, Philippines

With more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines, one would find it difficult to come across the ideal snorkeling spot. There is so much of the beautiful underwater world to see, and it is absolutely breathtaking. At the Bay of Donsol, located right in the Sorsogon province in the northern Philippines, you can rub shoulders with the largest living fish, the whale shark. Snorkelers can marvel at more than 20 whale sharks in just a single boat tour. These protected animals can be found around the time of November and June, feeding on the things that come out of the mouth of the river.

Baa Atoll, Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most picturesque islands in the world. People come from all over to feast their eyes on this gorgeous piece of nature. The coral islands are surrounded by blue waters and bright species of fish, and myriads of other marine animals – such as sharks, octopi, and manta rays.

Baa Atoll, regarded as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is one of the Maldives’ 26 geographical atolls. This is one of the best places for sightings of bigger marine species such as dolphins. The right time to visit is from June to November to take a look at the exceptionally abundant marine life.

If you have visited these places, let us know what you think about the abundant marine life you spot over there.

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