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Why Do Men Love Cars (Especially The Ones With More Horsepower)?

Just in case you thought that the need for speed is only for men, you’re mistaken. However, men are undoubtedly a tad inclined towards high-performance cars than their female counterparts. Even statistics stand testimony to how the horsepower allures them! In reality, driving sports and luxury cars somehow fuels the testosterone levels of males. Going by the Kelley Blue Book, the average horsepower that women choose on an average is 170, which is lesser than half of what men do (theirs is 360).

No matter how much we’ve progressed, but some things remain unchanged. Back in the 1900s, when cars were more than extravagance symbols, men loved their high-powered gas vehicles. On the contrary, women stayed more comfortable with smaller and electrically-driven cars. Now that eco-friendly electrics are a new rage, and several men seem to invest in big vehicles. The question is, what goes inside their brains when the prime concern is power and not price? Here’s more on that.

Not Merely A Practical Need

Cars are undoubtedly convenient options for women, since the functionality matters to them and too in a cutesy package! Talk to men, and you’ll see how they view their machines as ‘sentient beings with unique personalities’ that showcase novelty at every step. This doesn’t indicate that cars and trucks don’t have any practical purpose. It’s just that when a guy looks at the car, he looks at the power and, of course, the looks. That addresses more of his needs than fuel efficiency or financial strain.

Relaxation At Its Best

A BMW study has revealed that men feel in greater control when they sit behind the wheels. Even if there are GPS or electronic safety systems at the time of need, there’s no beating the pleasures of driving on an open road without getting bugged by anything else!

Merely imagining the enormous stretches of land and moving along in a relaxed manner is enough to amplify a man’s mood. And that’s why it might not surprise you to see men cruising on the highway in their fancy vehicles.

A Status Symbol

Much like men, even women feel the constant pressure to adhere to career roles and aim at a greater success story. Men often have to battle through tough times to justify their real role in both home and work sectors.

Taking the first step by investing in a car is a sure way to seal the belief that they have made a mark in a judgemental world! Well, it sounds weird, but there’s no denying this.

The Impression That Cars Make

We believe the fact that impressions created last for a lifetime? But sometimes they don’t, but there’s no escaping this reality. It’s interesting to learn that even when cars are more of a ‘guy thing,’ many men love buying cars that the females in their lives love or might like. What about their efforts? Well, it doesn’t go in vain. One fascinating study found that women responded in a certain manner when they heard the sound of a sports car revving up its powerful engine.

There’s No Substitute To Power

Control over 4000 pounds of absolute power – how does that sound? Indeed, it gave you the adrenaline rush! Guys’ choice of cars reflects their personas to a considerable extent. It should make sense to you why at all, the bigger, stronger, high-power, and fast cars are popular than those choosing an expensive or a premium quality vehicle shows the owner’s economic strength.

Men are somehow a little closed off when it comes to verbalizing their emotions. And analyses of multiple studies in the journal Psychology of Men & Masculinity cover research explores how a man’s psychology takes shape. One of the findings shows that it is into cars that they find solace and channelize their emotional energies.

Also, cars make them feel they can fix several issues simply by being in the control zone. Despite all this, women love their cars too. Even if choices vary, but we’re glad when the auto market seems to boast of diversities. And with the boom in the automobile industry, we are sure there will be a diverse array of vehicles hitting the market. However, what might be more intriguing will be the response to fully-automated vehicles and men’s emotional connection to those. But that’s a trend we need to wait and watch!

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