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Missing Gym During Quarantine? Try Working Out with these Household Items Instead!

We have spent most of our quarantine period wondering when we would be back in the gym and pack in a solid sweat session with dumbbells and other gym equipment. We hate it when most of the fitness influencers we see promise us a great workout session with no equipment whatsoever, and those dumbbells come out, and you have it give the workout a miss.

But guess what, we can easily be a little more creative and give our home equipment a chance to have its moment under the sun! Don’t believe us? Well, here is what you can do to make your sweat sessions a little more intense at home!

More Cans, Please!

We have many cans at our disposal, so whether it is beans cans or soup cans. They can be proud additions to your home gym equipment list, and you won’t even miss your regular dumbbells. Ensure that you read at least 16 ounces if you are looking for something at least above one pound. The best part of cans is it can weigh as much as a dumbbell. Try them out for your tricep kickback moves, and they work fine.

Bags of Rice

Looking for the perfect gym equipment in your pantry? So, you have spotted the bags of rice too? Well, great now you can put them to good use for your back lunges.

There is amazing equipment. So guys buy a few rice bags to take care of your meals and to add that bit of resistance to your workouts. Also, uncooked rice can stay in your pantry for a long time and not go bad.

Bags of Flour Can Keep the Dumbbells Away

Well, will those bags of flour come in handy? We say now, time to rummage through your cabinet and bring em’ out. You can shove them inside a reusable tote before you get down to business to avoid sneezing your way throughout the workout thanks to dust and spillage.  So, what do you do with scores of bags of flour? Use them to squat and squat deep. Hold two bags on either side and try the best full-body workout ever, a squat

Strength Training With a Suitcase

Your suitcases may be cooling their heels in your cabinets. Time to bring them out, no, you are not traveling as yet. Instead, you are using it for your strength training workouts. If you want to make your suitcase-dumbbells heavier, just fill them with cans or a lot many things inside. Go ahead use your creativity.

Before you start your workouts, weigh your suitcase to know how much they weight on their own before adding an empty can that weighs 7.6 pounds. Once you hit the sweet spot to get the ideal weight, 10 pounds for beginners, 20 pounds for intermediate and thirty pounds for advanced. Use them to nail your squats.

Squat With Your Wine Boxes

Wine boxes are five liters and above and a suitable substitute for someone who is looking for some heavy-duty strength-training as five liters can mean eleven pounds. It’s got as close to the real deal as possible.   Use them to squat deep or squat wide. This will surely put your glutes on fire.

A Gallon of the Jug to Replace an Eight-Pound Dumbbell

We best you have a large number of jugs in your home, read milk jars,  orange juice jars, or whatever you may have around you. One gallon jug amounts to approximately eight and a half pounds. Just remember, you may not find the center of gravity of a jug of liquid not as stable as an eight-pound dumbbell. It just may make the entire exercise that much harder. Come on. You can try that bent over row with a jug with elan now!

Before you go, don’t forget your body, yeah when you are doing bodyweight exercises you are technically lifting something as heavy as your body. So, don’t ignore bodyweight exercises as there are many bodyweight exercises you can do and target multiple muscle groups. So, if you are self-quarantined and wondering how to add a bit of creativity to your workout regime, well take a look at some of these and let us know whether it helped you to lose fat and gain muscles.

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