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Moving To The Big Apple? Don’t Forget To Read These Tips First!

Everybody knows that moving to New York can be expensive. Not only is the cost of living in New York higher than the national average, but relocating to any big American city, in general, can really drain your bank account. Whether you are moving to the Big Apple temporarily or you have plans to raise your kids in Manhattan, you may want to do some careful planning to relieve yourself of any burden, especially when it comes to moving your furniture and personal possessions. Here are a few secrets to make relocating to New York cheaper, more affordable, and successful all at the same time.

What You Must Take with You

The key to affordable moving is to leave behind, sell, or donate the items which you don’t need any longer. If you are moving to New York from another state, you can actually save a lot of your hard-earned dollars by selling or donating the items which you need not take to your new home. Remember that shipping everything comes with a price, and packing and unpacking would also take longer than usual. Visit every room of your present home to find out what you can leave behind and what you must take with you.

Do Not Go On A Buying Spree After Moving In

Many people make the mistake of buying a whole lot of things which they could easily buy at much cheaper rates from garage sales or from Craigslist. In fact, some people who move out of New York or any other city simply give some of their belongings away. Others do not mind selling these things at cut rates. Be street smart, and don’t hesitate to buy secondhand items from other people or garage sales. You’ll end up saving hundreds of dollars which may come in handy since you’re in a new city — you never know what emergency might crop up at the most unexpected time.

Sell Things You Don’t Need Before Moving To New York

Before you call a moving company to help you, make sure that you’ve already set aside the things that you won’t be taking with you and sell them once you’ve finished packing. You can announce a yard sale before you finally bid adieu to your present neighbors. Sell everything which you don’t consider useful anymore – from clothes and shoes to old tools and electronics. Someone out there is bound to need something that you’re selling, and there’s no point carrying completely useless things to a new place.

Be Innovative When You Pack

Expanding your approach will help in a big way as you can use bed linen, towels, blankets, and everything else that comes to mind as packing materials. Cheap and even free moving boxes are also available. All you have to do is put a little bit of innovation into your thinking process. For example, you can buy moving boxes depending on your need. If you can just fill up the drawers and the storage lockers with things which you want to move, you won’t have to buy many packing boxes which would save you money. It is also important for you to finish eating your food. Make sure you don’t leave behind food, be it frozen or not, as the unfinished food will turn stale within a few hours after you leave.

Go for Cheap Moving Supplies

While there are scores of moving companies that can provide you with essential moving supplies, always look for a cheaper solution. Ask your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to see if they can spare a few extra supplies with them. Leave a message at your workplace, notifying that you are moving and you are collecting packing materials for the planned move. This way, you can actually notify your colleagues and friends about your planned move in a nice way.

You may want to find a cheap moving company to reduce the stress and hassles of relocating to New York. There are move-in-move-out companies in the US that offer really cheap inter-state relocation services. Some of these companies also offer attractive discounts and coupons. Look for these companies. Knowing the fees in advance actually helps in cutting back on unexpected costs. Get a full estimation from the mover before you move. Try to save up as much money as you can your during your move because you wouldn’t want to be broke when you arrive in the Big Apple, right? Good luck!

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