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Should You Adopt a Cat or Not?

If you wish to adopt a furry little cat, never purchase the feline from a breeder or a pet store, but aim to adopt it from a shelter. One reason is that you wouldn’t have to pay so much as the health check, vaccinations, and other expenses at the time of ownership are covered under the adoption fee. Several shelters tend to evaluate the characteristics of cats before handing them over to you. This helps you choose a cat that can adjust to your personality, lifestyle, and household. You can also find various pure-bred cats at the shelters. With so many options available, it might be a little overwhelming for you to choose a feline according to your suitability.

Take Your Lifestyle into Account

Before adopting, it will always be better to finalize the characteristics you are looking for in a cat. To make a decision, you need to take your lifestyle as well as your personality into account. If you are working full-time, going out a lot with friends, traveling to different places, or just have a hectic routine, you need a cat that would create no fuss and or be dependent on you. If a kitty loves to cuddle all the time, she might feel lonely if you are not home. For someone who loves to stay at home, a high-energy feline can prove to be a great company.

If you are someone who has lots of free time and has ample patience, you will be able to cope with an uncontrollable and boisterous cat that will jump all around the house, bite your fingers playfully, and do all the naughty stuff. If you are searching for a feline to give you company on the couch after a long and tiring day, you can opt for a quiet and loving one. You also need to take your family’s structure into account. If you have small kids in your family, you will need a well-socialized and friendly cat. The same will apply to other pets at home.

Cat Characteristics

Cats can have several characteristics that you need to know before you adopt one. It’s very natural if you can’t resist adopting a kitten, but they can be amazingly energetic and it might be really hard for you to keep pace with the feline. They also have unpredictable temperaments. If you are looking for a cat with a particular trait, a mature one might be best for you. Shelter cats that are older in age are calmer and have been trained to acclimatize to the household they get adopted into. Most kittens grow up very fast and attain maturity in a year.

Next comes temperament and personality. Would you want to adopt a cat that knows how to socialize and is friendly with others? Do you want her to be energetic, calm, or lazy? Do you want her to stay quiet or be talkative? These characteristics play a key role in determining what your preferences are before you adopt a cat. You can interact with the cats in the shelters before you take them under adoption. Long-haired cats are lovely. However, you would need to groom and maintain them from time to time which tends to be a lot of work. It would be better for you to stick to a short-haired variety of cats if you are not up for the hard work.

Choosing Your Cat

There are adoption counselors present at several shelters. They can help you pick the right cat as per your requirement. In the absence of a counselor, you can discuss the same with the shelter staff. You can also come across volunteers who have spent considerable time with the felines and can tell you about their personalities. In any other situation, you might find it really tough to find out the true personality of a cat when you are meeting her for the very first time.

If your household has kids and other pets, you can choose a bold and friendly cat who will be happy to greet you every day, and purrs happily when you give her a finger to rub her face against.

Thus, adopting a cat is a crucial decision, and must be treated in the same way. As long as you keep your preferences in mind, you will end up with the perfect feline addition to your household.

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