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From Proactive Living To Getting Back To Nature: Top Five Lifestyle Trends Of 2021

With a phenomenal crisis in the form of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the world has come to a halt and the contemporary lifestyle is about to go through a major overhaul. The eventful year of 2020 is over and 2021 is finally here with a lot of expected changes in our lifestyle. The trends in lifestyle have significantly evolved in this chaotic and turbulent situation that the world is going through right now. From proactive living to rediscovering health or exploring the more safe and secure way of living, the new lifestyle changes are not only mere different trends just for a change, but there is a clear suggestion that we are actually trying to improve our lives in one or more ways. Here’s taking a look at the biggest lifestyle trends of 2021 (anticipated).

Proactive Living

In a recently concluded FMCG survey, 80% of consumers worldwide Have expressed their concern about living an unhealthy lifestyle and revealed their planning to eat healthy in upcoming days. Another interesting part of the survey suggests that 57% of European consumers are more into researching from open sources about how to improve their health in different ways.

Although you may differ that people always prefer proactive living over anything, the trend has become a household subject everywhere. Thanks to the newly sprouted coronavirus situation that forces the public to find different ways of preventive care from the virus. As the vaccine is still a long way to go to make a difference, we can only hope for the best with proactive living, as it may build a good immunity to keep the misery at bay.

Rediscovering Health

As mentioned earlier, nowadays people are more concerned about their immunity more than anything. FMCG’s data suggests that a significant portion of people across the world are actively seeking ways to possess a strong immunity power through everyday food and drink.

Though these all remained the top lifestyle trends of the previous year, the scenario hasn’t changed in early this year as well. According to data, vitamins, and minerals such as vitamin C, calcium, omega 3, protein, and probiotics are something that made it into the top spots of the list.

Back To Nature: Plant-Based Nutrition

The botanical ingredients for plant-based products are in demand and the demand is going to touch a new height this year. Plant-based nutrition is not an alien concept to us rather people especially vegans these days always prefer to have something green in their daily menu for essential nutrients.

With the increasingly harmful effects of processed meat and its products, the sale of plant-based products and consumer goods has elevated with time. A considerable amount of consumers have started to opt for a plant-based diet rather than following an animal protein-based dietary chart. Long gone are those days when plant-based food products are only for the consumption of vegans.

Safe And Secure

Amidst the entire hullabaloo of living a healthy lifestyle, we shouldn’t forget that the economy in almost every country has gone through a major setback.  The blow made its impact on the job market globally, and people have found it hard to manage everything on a reduced budget. As a consequence, people are now more concerned about spending a fortune on lifestyle improvement. A lot of layoffs have been reported around the world, which only means employment has taken a backseat and people have been forced to cut their daily budget on spending on daily lifestyle.

In 2021, people would be more concerned about securing their finances than shelling out top dollars on lifestyle upgrades, it can be safely presumed. We might see people investing more in health than in anything else, and there might be a sharp drop in the demand for lifestyle goods.

Eating Out, Dining In

One of the most obvious Lifestyle changes should be eating at home. With the continuous uprise of the ongoing pandemic situation, people are now more conscious when it comes to eating out.

Global data shows that even after the lockdown, people are preparing to make something delicious in their own home rather than going out and having one. Even consumers who are still preferring fast foods are more dependent on online delivery services than going and dining out.

It is safe to say that many lifestyle trends of 2020 will continue to dominate the year 2021 due to the obviously uncertain situation worldwide. Although people are showing Incredible adaptability to cope with the evolved situation, many of them are finding it hard to get along with it. So, we have rolled into a year that will continue to evolve our lifestyle for betterment.

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