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Rihanna is Officially The Wealthiest Self-Made Female Musician – Here’s A Look Into Her Everyday Lifestyle

Make way for RiRi aka Rihanna, for she is being hailed as the ultimate queen within the music industry. With a net worth of $600 million, Rihanna has recently been touted as the richest female musician of the decade. However, her huge empire is not built only from the riches she earns from her music, it also comes from her various partnerships with fashion companies, and her own line of beauty products, Fenty BeautyHaving launched her career at the age of 15, Rihanna has seen her songs topping the charts several times over the years and her world tours have also fetched big bucks for the talented singer. Her fan base is huge and their incredible loyalty towards their favorite icon has led to amazing sales of her beauty products. Having clinched a huge deal with one of the leading fashion houses of the world, LVMH, Rihanna is basically set to rule the world.

So, what does the worlds wealthiest female musician do with all of her time and income? We’re here to answer that for you!

Employing A Private Chef

While having a cook at home might be a necessity for some people, Rihanna, takes it to another level by hiring a private chef who charges a cool $800 a day to cook for her. Imagine all of the good food constantly being made and cooked right at home in her kitchen. However, as a celebrity, it is not hard to guess the amount of entertaining that she has to do on a daily basis, having a cook who can create gourmet dishes for her and her guests is definitely more than convenient. Debbie Soloman is her private chef and she landed the job while working at the Sunset Marquis Hotel. She got a call from someone one day who had read a blog post written about her style of cooking. She was asked to deliver food to a particular and specific place. The requests kept coming and finally, she found out that it was the sensational, one-and-only, Rihanna who was asking for her. Soon he was appointed as her head chef.

Owning More Than One Beachside Home

A massive beachside home in Barbados is what she calls home. The $22 million mansion was bought in 2013. However, this is not her only house, she owns properties all over the United States and even outside too. Her luxury home at One Sandy Lane resort in Barbados is an epitome of luxury. The house is spread over 10,000 square feet of living space and is just a short walk from the beach.

Over $38,000 Each Week On Her Beauty Regime

So what does it take to look like Rihanna? Apparentnothing short of $38,000. One source says that she often calls her eyelash expert before going out at 11PM at night! Her personal dermatologist receives an estimated $6,800 per week, while her tanner gets about $550 a day. As for her hair, she spends about $1,800 on her hair on a daily basis.

Owning Luxury Cars

Having a huge net worth also enables Rihanna to have several sporty cars in her garage and one of them is the Porsche 997 turbo. The $160K car requires a $2,700 a year insurance just for maintenance. Since she is mostly seen in this car, it is safe to assume that this must be Rihanna’s favorite car out of her collection. She also owns a Porsche 911 and it looks like she will only be adding to that collection.

Luxury Yacht

In 2011, Rihanna rented a yacht for a weekly rent of $300,000. She went around the French Riviera and with that much rent we can only imagine the amount of luxury that yacht could have been providing. Ever since then, RiRi has enjoyed several yacht holidays and that honestly tempts us into taking one too… though the amount of money involved here might very well make us go bankrupt.

With this new feather on her cap as the wealthiest female musician, we are waiting to see what else Rihanna wants to do in her life. She is still so young and we are excited about all the ideas she might be having for the future. Well, all the very best, RiRi!

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