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The City of Love

There are several reasons why people travel; it can be related to their work or for personal reasons. If you are traveling for leisure, it can be with yourself, families, friends, or with your special someone. The main goal is to strengthen the bond with each other by exploring a completely unfamiliar place. The places that you will visit will depend on your companions. If you are traveling by yourself, it will entirely depend on your preference; for families then it should be somewhere everyone can enjoy from kids to the grandparents; for a group of friends then it will definitely involve lots of outdoor activities; and for couples, they will enjoy places where couples can do romantic things.

For couples, one of the places that are definitely included in their travel list is the city of love – Paris. It is even the main honeymoon destination of newlyweds. Some couples even think that if they go to the city then they will be together ‘forever’. However, studies showed that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. In a survey conducted by Holidaymakers with 2,000 tourists as participants, the result was Rome is the most romantic city and Paris is in the fifth place only. Other cities included in the list are Venice, Prague, Bruges, Sydney, Edinburgh, Montreal, Vienna, and Dubai. For people who haven’t visited Paris, it may be surprising to know this result. But despite this, tourists are not dissuaded and still wish to visit the city with their significant other.

One of the things that couples look forward to when visiting Paris is placing a padlock with names written on it and placed it on the Pont des Arts bridge. This act has been symbolic because it is said that it will give the couple an everlasting love. However, due to health and safety issues, 700,000 padlocks were removed from the metal grilles and were replaced by plexiglass panels in 2015. But you don’t need to be sad because there are other activities that you and your partner can do if you visit the city of Paris.

  • Temple of Love

Temple of Love

Sunset is the best setting for romantic scenes. Therefore, if you are planning to go on an adventure with your partner, you should visit the island where the Temple of Love is located. This is located in the middle of a lake in the Bois de Vincennes – which is the largest public park in Paris. It is also an ideal place where you can propose and you can explore the grotto and cave beneath the temple. You can conclude your trip with a picnic on the grassy beach where you can see the temple and the mountain rocks of Paris zoo.

  • The secret waterfall and a vineyard

For adventurous couples, visiting the waterfall at Parc des Buttes-Chaumont in the 19th arrondissement is a must. This quiet hilltop village can only be accessed using three staircases or by a single winding road. Once you reached the place, you will be rewarded with a view of Montmartre across town. You will also see one of the last three remaining vineyards in Paris – Clos de Montmartre. If you want to take a rest, there is a beautiful tea cup café named La Maison Rose.

  • Garden of Hopeless Romantics

Garden of Hopeless Romantics

If you want to get close to nature and enjoy delicious foods and drinks then you need to visit this private townhouse. You will definitely feel very relaxed due to the picturesque view of bell flowers, lilacs, and wisteria. Furthermore, you are away from the bustling noise of the city life. In case you got hungry during your trip, you can eat in the old glass house beside the museum. They are serving lunch and iced tea prepared in Egyptian style with hibiscus flowers and cinnamon.

  • Drive around the city

For those who don’t want the hassle of public transportation or don’t know the best places in Paris, you should consider paying for the services of 4 Rues sous 1 parapluie. It is a company that provides a tour of the city using a vintage convertible Citröen CV2 with a Parisian chauffeur who knows several languages and the best tourist spots. If you want your trip to be more romantic, you can rent a red Vespa scooter with FreeScoot. You can find them in 63 quai de la Tournelle or 144 boulevard Voltaire. You and your partner can drive around the city like the locals.

  • Hang out along the River Seine or Canal Saint-Martin

River Seine

After a long tiring day or you simply want to watch the happenings around Paris, you and your partner can simply hang out in the River Seine or Canal Saint-Martin. In The Seine, you will see couples dancing the Tango. Thanks to the radio of the old man sitting on the edge of the river, there is tango-esque music that couples can dance to. If you and your partner are not a fan of dancing you can simply watch them. In the Canal Saint-Martin, you can enjoy the four-kilometer view which is lined up with art galleries and warehouse-turned-lofts. Eat the pizza from Pink Flamingo and your romantic sightseeing will be complete.

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