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The Three Biggest Lifestyle Trends Of 2022 According To Pinterest

Do you want to know what’s in store for you this new year? There will be several top trends in 2022. With the new year just starting, Pinterest has pointed out the incoming trends in fashion, beauty, decoration, travel, cooking, etc. People have gone through another year of restrictions, lockdowns, social distancing, and news that didn’t have a positive impact.

Internet users are on the lookout for color and originality and have no qualms about breaking the conventional rules. Boasting 400 million users across the globe, Pinterest has laid out the 175 emerging trends that might rule the roost in the year 2022. Here are the three biggest lifestyle trends of 2022, according to Pinterest. So jump in without further ado.

The Comeback of Retro

In terms of beauty trends, decorating teeth, eyelids, and skin with jewels was popular in the new year. Pinterest has noticed a surge of 145% in searches related to dermal piercing unique and 100% in searches related to crystal eye makeup. Aside from these, dental jewelry has increased, with search rates increasing by 85%. It might surprise you to know that rhinestone pedicures have also emerged as a new trend. According to Pinterest, the search rates have increased by 150%.

People are looking for originality in the case of hair and nails. Galaxy nail art is a popular trend these days as search rates have gone up by 115%. The mullet is all set to return in terms of hairstyles, with search rates reportedly going up by 190%. Naturalness is also on the cards as short natural hairstyles are on the way to making a grand return. The search rates are said to have gone up by 185%.

The year has gone by has been quite gloomy, and therefore, people want to add colors to life. Pearls are the new attraction as more men and women search for them. For example, the search for pearl wedding decorations has witnessed a surge of 185%. Searches for pearl necklaces have gone up quite significantly. Searches for electric blue outfits have reportedly increased by 140%. The gothic style is also catching the imagination of many. Goth pajamas had 185% more searches, while baby clothes saw a 120% increase in searches.

The Meaning Of Wellbeing Is Changing

People worldwide have stayed locked up for more than a year, and therefore, maintaining wellbeing at home has a lot of value in today’s times. The users on Pinterest are looking out for Aphrodite-aesthetic wallpaper ideas, increasing search rates by more than 180%. Greenery all around is also a priority. Therefore, the search for plants has also gone up. Internet users are trying to decorate the interiors and use the space inside to derive inspiration.

You might have heard about luxury laundry room ideas. The searches have been 11 times higher. The space inside the homes is also being optimized for furry friends. The number of people searching for luxury dog rooms has increased by 115%. The search for ‘catify your home’ has increased four times on major search sites. Wellness also has a lot to do with spirituality. Search terms such as ‘How to raise your vibration’ or ‘How to raise your energy’ have increased by 145% and 60%, respectively. Aura colors are also in vogue, and searches on Pinterest have increased 36 times.

Traveling Is Still A Lot Of Fun

Despite the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have not lost their zeal to travel. It might surprise you to know that searches about travel and holiday resorts have doubled.

International cuisine is also one of the major draws this year, and internet users are looking out for a way to escape to their favorite vacation spot. Searches related to traditional Norwegian recipes have gone up by 120%. People have placed the Philippines on their bucket list for its authentic recipes, as searches have increased by more than 35%.

In addition to that, traditional food from Russia is also on people’s priority list. Searches for authentic Russian cuisine have increased three times more. The traditional South African dishes and Arabian cuisine are also not far behind. 2022 is going to be an exciting year, it seems. At least, a lot less dull than its precursor.

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