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Three Quick Ways To Freshen Up Your House In 2019!

The new year is here! Time to get those pesky new year’s resolutions out of the way — we all know we won’t be fulfilling all of them anyway. However, while you may not lose that weight, stop gossiping, or be more responsible with your money, you may have something to do which should make your year so much better. And that is, improving your living conditions! You won’t have to stick to some new habit if you follow this path as it’s more of an action that you’ll be taking only once, but the end result will be a feeling of fulfillment. Not only will you feel like you have more control over your life, but your space will also be in much better shape after you’re done. Having better living conditions is proven to have good effects on your physical and mental health, so don’t treat it lightly! Making a few small changes should boost your productivity and overall mood which might just add a spring in your step and promote good vibes in your your daily life. Who knows, maybe making those small changes to your living environment might actually result in a new you during this new year! Here are three ways you can brighten up the place where you live:

Do Spring Cleaning

Most of us watch spring cleaning happening in movies or cartoons, but we never bother doing it ourselves (if you’re one of those people who actually do clean the house in spring, well, then congratulations! You’re awesome).  This year, there needs to be a difference! You need to get up and throw away everything you think you won’t be needing for the upcoming year.

This also goes to random objects around the house which are either useless or ready to be chucked in the trash can. You’ll take out so many things and reduce the clutter to such a degree that you’ll feel like you’re in someone else’s house – someone who cleans, that is. However, if you live with someone else, make sure that you don’t throw away stuff that belongs to them to avoid any trouble. The best thing about spring-cleaning is the fact that you can even sell some of your stuff and earn extra cash. Simply set aside clothes, books, furniture, and even old gadgets that you’re never using again in your life and sell them during a yard sale or even online!

Change Your Furniture Setting

You’re probably already rearranging your house in your head to spice things up a bit. You won’t get that if you don’t bother trying and just sit on the couch the whole day! Try and do some research before you start – this way you’ll get some much-needed inspiration to begin your little redecoration project. You’ll also get new ideas which are bound to help you with the process. Not only should the furniture look much better with your room once you’re done, but you should also feel that there’s more space to move around. There’s no harm in removing any furniture that isn’t being used – no one’s going to miss it (although you should probably consult your spouse/housemates before taking this step). In addition to that, if you can get some indoor plants to go with your furniture, that’d be awesome! Indoor plants are known to have great health benefits, so you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by getting them to your living room. Plus, they make the place look much better!

Repaint the House

Face it, the paint is getting old, and all the marks on your wall aren’t making it look much better. All you need to do is get the family or friends together, invest in some good paint, and get started! Each person could paint their own room the color they want. This should be a great bonding opportunity for everyone, and will also make the house look brand new. If you wish, you can also paint the outside of the house, too. For some, this might be overkill, but it’s certainly worth the effort and money spent on it!

Going through these simple tasks will take no more than a day or two and will make the house look like it’s been freshly bought. You’ll be all ready to have a great time during the summer vacations. If you keep the lawn neat, you’ll be painting the perfect picture to live in combined with all the steps above.


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