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The Three-Step Guide to Creating a Fool-Proof Retirement Plan

After all these years of hard work and effort, it is only fair to expect a relaxed and stress-free retirement. However, the pandemic has thrown in a lot of uncertainty and chaos, making people question their savings, retirement decisions, and future planning. While a few are stretching their retirement by a few years, many have lost their jobs leaving them with a hole in their retirement funds. And then, there are some people who have had to take up a retirement without much of a choice.

Well, if you are the fortunate one with more than a decade to put a hard stop on your career and retire, here’s how you could do it right. This fool-proof plan will ensure you are ready to handle any surprises that life might throw at you in the years ahead.

Know Where You Stand

It’s hard to tell people that you are broke or not in a stable situation financially. But do you know what’s harder than that? Telling yourself that and coming to terms that you are not as well-to-do financially as you would like to believe. However, that’s the first step to starting out your future planning. You cannot plan to save $5000 a year if you have debts and expenses that leave you with just $2000 at the end of every year.

So, be realistic about where you stand financially. Evaluate your expenses and see where you can cut down on expenses to lead a comfortable retirement life. Make sure you budget your expenses and stick to it as far as possible. Come up with a realistic amount to save every week, month, and year. Planning for short term savings goals will help you reach your long term goals faster and easier.

Have Clear Retirement Goals

Well, the whole plan of having a retirement fund is to make sure you have a source of income when you retire. But that shouldn’t mean that you cannot have a second source of income. Having an alternative inflow of money will mean that you could lead a more comfortable and relaxed life in your future. This could be from investments, rent, part-time jobs, and so on. But make sure you have an alternative source of income.

Planning for this will also help you chalk out your retirement goals. This includes everything from wanting to retire in a foreign land to traveling around the world, to put a hard stop on your career. Have your retirement goals clear and make sure your income flow in the second innings of your life can support these goals.

Hire a Financial Advisor

Having a financial advisor guide you on your retirement will ensure that the plan is foolproof. Right from helping you identify the right plans to invest in, to the risk evaluation, they can guide you through all of it. Knowing where you stand in terms of your risk tolerance, is important while you plan your retirement and a financial advisor’s services might come handy if you are way behind your retirement fund goals and feel the temptation to invest in a fluctuating market. While it might work and you might see great gains, you should know if that risk is worth taking and how it might leave you behind by several years on your retirement goals.

Besides this, your financial advisor would also be able to guide you with any shortfalls in funds that you might be noticing, how to rectify them, and how you could increase your savings. A few financial advisors would also be able to help you with estate planning and manage your assets to ensure you have complete financial security.


The goal is to make sure you start saving no matter how little it is for your retirement funds even if you are at the start of your career. And if it’s been a few years since you kickstarted your career but do not have ample savings for the retirement, consider this your wakeup call. Take note of areas where you could cut down expenses and increase savings for your future.

Remember, the goal is to make sure you reap the benefits of your hard work once you retire. There is no point in struggling and working until the last day of your life, so start saving at the earliest. With this guide by your side, we are sure you would have a fool-proof retirement plan.

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