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These Are The Top Five Restaurants In Hollywood Where Celebrities Love To Hang Out

Eager to know where celebs hang out? It’s no wonder that celebs do take breaks from their busy schedules at times and they also love hanging out with friends, family or their significant others. Often dining out means for them taking the backstairs and entering one of those posh and high-end eateries such as Morton’s, BOA, STK or the classier standards like Nobu or Spago. But they do also hang out in places where they are least expected by the paparazzi. Here are a few of those places:

Hotel Bel-Air

Hotel Bel-Air is a nice, indoor destination, and no matter what time of day you go there, expect to be in the company of all types of A-list stars from Hollywood. Rumor has it that Geena Davis frequents the upscale restaurant pretty often. Also, some people claim that they have seen Sharon Stone having chitchat over some scrumptious food with her close friends. Reportedly, Dennis Quaid also frequents this restaurant. Did we mention that Jessica Simpson had her baby shower in this exact hotel? This has definitely got to be one of the most visited establishments by celebrities that doesn’t require a VIP check-in.

Four Seasons Pool

Of course the Four Seasons Hotel won’t tell you that Mark Wahlberg was here only last week for a quick Sunday brunch. But you have to find out yourself. If you are lucky enough, you can find Charlize Theron or Sidney Poitier gracing their guest list on a relatively quiet weekend. Bill Maher is rumored to have met Craig Robinson here. In case you didn’t know, this poolside bar often holds Hollywood events. So it’s quite natural that Hollywood celebs would prefer this swish poolside eatery.

Sunset Marquis

Sunset Marquis the ultimate hangout place for anyone who loves rock n’ roll. It’s just tucked on the Sunset Boulevard, and you can catch all the action live while having mouth-watering dishes and the chicest wine. It’s a favorite de-stress joint for all the big names in rock n’ roll. Steven Tyler is one of the biggest patrons, and even a regular! You can almost always find upcoming bands and musicians having serious chats on music and related things at this upscale restaurant. While we’re at it, it’s also probably the most romantic dine-out place in Hollywood.

Chateau Marmont

The lobby of Chateau Marmont has seen some of the top celebs hanging out with close pals. So many celebs visit the upscale eatery that photography inside the restaurant is completely prohibited. If you thought you would just photobomb in some awesome groupfie that has too many celebs in one frame, drop the idea. However, if you are lucky enough, you could catch a glimpse of Rose McGowan, or Daisy Fuentes, and even, Christopher Walken. Rumor has it that it’s a favorite restaurant of Russel Brand as well.

Crossroads Kitchen

Crossroads is a fine dining restaurant in West Hollywood. The restaurant serves a lot of vegan dishes, which is why you could easily spot top fitness freak celebs flocking the place at any point of the day or night. Jay Z, Beyonce, Paul McCartney, and Travis Baker some of the biggest celebs who love to hang out here.

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