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Top Lifestyle and Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Playing golf is a passion for many. But did you know this amazing hobby has benefits aplenty for the body? As one of the most popular and much-played sports throughout the world, this can bring about immense benefits to elderly people who often rely on this game to keep them preoccupied after they retire. If you start early, chances are you would benefit even more. Here’s taking a look at how your mental and physical health will witness great improvement if you take up this hobby.

A Complete Body Workout

Every swing of the golf club looks cool no doubt, but it’s akin to a full-body workout. From the arms to legs, and even shoulders, abdomen, and the back – almost all your body parts are utilized when playing this game. After you complete one hole, you will likely carry a huge bag of golf clubs for your next hole! If you do this exercise (playing the game of gold) twice or thrice a week, your muscle mass will be built, and this works great for the abdomen and arms precisely.

Calories Go for a Toss

Usually, golf occurs on a huge course, for almost about 5 or 6 miles, and with no less than 19 or 20 holes. Every game of golf will lead you to burn about 1500 to 2000 calories, which is however dependent on the course style and the amount of equipment you will be carrying between the holes. The moment you arrive at the next hole, you will be swinging golf clubs as much as possible to pick up a good start. And this is when the muscles in your arms are worked to the maxim (even those that are not worked up daily), helping you burn more calories. Eventually, it will lead to weight loss.

Low After-Effects, Lower Risks

Ideally, gold is considered a leisurely sport. But for those who play the game are aware of how their bodies are worked out with golf. Strangely, there’s no contract and you aren’t moving about vigorously, yet you are exercising well. As a result, the chances of injuries or risks are minimized considerably. Besides, there isn’t much impact on the joints either, which helps older players to adjust to the game well. After all, struggling with the knees, joints, or battling arthritis is not easy. So they can have a casual gold game, and also benefit from the full-body workout.

You Can Play Either Solo or Socially

Whoever has played gold will testify that this game is one of the best choices for building rapport with each other and socializing. On the other hand, if you wish to play solo, you will likely meet like-minded individuals and engage in great conversations! Now imagine, the club being a place where you can not only play the game but also catch up over a quick cup of steaming brew! This helps you achieve fitness goals faster and encourage you to move faster too. So your health too witnesses betterment, with time.

Good for Vision and Brain

Cognitive functions like thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and such can improve when you play games such as golf. First things first, it’s an amazing workout, which propels blood to flow to the brain and thereby enhances connections in the nerve cells. Problems like dementia, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s’ have reduced chances of setting in.

Nothing Like the Great Outdoors

The true beauty of playing golf lies in huge areas, with breathtakingly picturesque scenery. So, as a golf player, you can enjoy all such views and inhale the fresh air around too. Besides, you can benefit from reduced stress levels, reduction in the risk of anxiety or depression, and boosted levels of Vitamin D from the sunshine, which will eventually help you retain a healthy heart and promote bone growth. The mood is better for the most part, and you will naturally prevent yourself from engaging in mindless chatter or reacting to unnecessary provocations. What’s more, the sunshine can instantly bring that smile to your face!

Playing golf surely has a charm of its own. If you’re lucky, you might just play a game in some of the most amazing locations around the country and spend a greater part of the day doing something that you will never regret.

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