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Top Vegan Eateries You Should Try In Tel Aviv

Israel’s second most populous city after its capital, Jerusalem, and the technological and economic center of the country in Tel Aviv. It is famous for its cultural and touristic scene and, of course, for its wide variety of vegan food. Many vegan eateries have sprung up in the cities, much to the delight of the food lovers worldwide who have visited Tel Aviv on their bucket list. You wouldn’t believe it, but most major chains boast vegan alternatives to almost every non-vegetarian food item. That makes the city a heaven for foodies. Also, there are fresh fruits and veggies available in abundance here. So, if you are planning to take a tour of this city, you might find the following list of the top vegan eateries in Tel Aviv quite handy.


For those of you who don’t know, Anastasia happens to be the first all-vegan cafe in entire Tel Aviv. If you are conscious about your health and want to try some superfood, then Anastasia is where you should be. You can gorge on a wide variety of superfoods in this eatery. Farmer’s Pie is one of the most popular items here. You shouldn’t miss it at all—pampering your taste buds with some lip-smacking dishes without having to worry about your health. It can’t get better.

Meshek Barzilay

Meshek Barzilay is in Neve Tzedek, which has a lot of historical significance. The eatery is a frontrunner in offering vegan and organic dishes. Meshek Barzilay was declared as the best vegan restaurant by Time Out in the year 2018. Brought directly from the farms to your table, the dishes on the menu vary according to the seasons. The vegan cheese alternatives stand out among all the other palatable items. There are items for takeaway as well. Even if you are a restricted eater, Meshek Barzilay has the right kind of dish you won’t be able to refuse.

Sultana Shawarma

Anyone that has eaten Shawarma swears by its authentic Middle-Eastern masculine taste. The dish holds a special place in the hearts of all the non-vegetarians across the globe, including Israel. Until the year 2018, vegans used to satiate their taste buds using falafel for pita stuffing. However, Sultana Shawarma changed the entire definition of vegan Shawarma and that too, in style. This eatery offers perfectly roasted forest mushrooms as the substitute for meat. The other fixings are what you normally see in Shawarma. The taste will sweep you off your feet, even if you are a hardcore meat-eater.

Nature Boys

If you are visiting the Gan Hahashmal area of Tel Aviv, don’t forget to spend some time at the Nature Boys. The eatery’s collection of vegan burgers, crispy fries, vegan egg salad, and of course, desserts like soft-serve ice cream will melt your heart. Now, if you have no plans to visit Gan Hahashmal and are still craving some fast food, you can give them a call, and your food will arrive at your doorstep. That’s a bonus!


Before Sultana burst into the scene, Zakaim was the only eatery wooing the vegans in Tel Aviv. The amazing thing is that the same chef operates Zakaim and Sultana. This means that taste-wise, there will be no compromise. The unique selling point of this vegan institution is its Persian-inspired vegan dishes, popular for their international taste that can drive you crazy! Zakaim’s most innovative dish is its take on shakshuka, in which lima beans and turmeric substitute poached eggs. You can also try out a vegan malabi and mint and sage tea.


If you have a penchant for something fresh, healthy, and delicious to eat, at the same time, you should visit Bana. You will get a plant-based menu that will be light on your stomach and mouth-watering as well. The Bana cuisine has become a vegan staple in Tel Aviv as the chefs here have opted for tofu and seitan, thus avoiding meat. Aside from that, the menu also includes some creative cocktails and highly tempting desserts. Want more? Grab the walnut and mushroom dish, and don’t miss the smoothie bowl.

Opa, Hertzog, and Rainbow are other popular eateries in Tel Aviv that the locals and the tourists love. Even if you are not a vegan, you will be thrilled to bits for sure.

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