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These Two Fashionistas From Emily in Paris Will Give You All the Fashion Inspiration You Need!

Emily, in Paris, the show on Netflix, is a fun watch. While we see Emily going about the city of romance and fashion, Paris, in gorgeous outfits, we can’t help fall in love with the show.

Of course, it has its regular clichés right from berets to croissants to cliched character sketching. We can’t help but notice one major thing in the show Emily (Lily Collins), and her charming portrayal of the character. Not to forget, her ability to carry off most outfits with surprising elan. However, what caught our fancy the most was her boss Sylvie’s style statements. Besides that, you are sure to fall in love with Emily’s Parisian friend Camille’s fashion sense.

Yes, they had us gawking with one killer outfit to another. Sylvie’s poise and perfection, complete with the disdainful face, makes for an irresistible combination. In contrast, Camille is the affable friend who does Parisian as any fashionable Parisian would do.

The Quintessential Parisian wardrobe

Yes, they are Parisian to boot, and their style statements très chic. While we have drooling ever since of her impeccably cut designer jackets, sharp skirts, her gowns in bold colors made Emily pale in comparison. We are not comparing, but there is something about her look which reminds us of Paris, without the obvious way. Yeah, they are effortless, and no, we aren’t complaining. We are so waiting for the second season already! Sylvie prefers the offbeat solid colors to Emily’s busy prints and patterns.

And we noticed she prefers black for most of her office outfits. Her designer of choice being Roland Mouret, Rick Owens, and Yohji Yamamoto. She reminds us of the woman you meet at a party who dresses down and still looks glamorous, and you end up looking like a Christmas tree in the chic-est gown you could find in your wardrobe! Sylvie played to perfection by Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, steals the show at 57! Camille looks straight from a plush magazine’s covers. With her minimal makeup and natural-looking strands, she exudes glamor, again, without trying too hard.

Camille’s Forte is Minimalism

Camille, on the other hand, played by French Actress and model Camille Razat embodies French minimalism and perfection with stunning precision. Choosing a palette of neutrals, Camille sometimes brightens it up with shades of red here and there.

In a scene-stealing moment, she wears an impeccably tailored black blazer in sharp contrast to Emilys Fuschia coat and kind of makes the look her own. Her choice of accessories, like her Western-inspired boots or a single scarf or newsboys cap that offsets her amazing platinum blonde hair, is subtle yet chic.

We love how she pulled off a layered look by wearing a mini tartan dress with a sheer puffy blouse. Another favorite of ours is the chocolate-colored blazer that she wore for a night out with Emily. Exceptional choice of color.

The Parisian vibes from Sylvie

We love French style for it epitomizing the word chic. Also, we envy them sipping copious amounts of wine and eating carbs, yet end up looking like the way they do. Okay, let’s get back to discussing Sylvie. That’s why we are here, right? The green dress takes the cake.

We love the fact of how Sylvie looks decidedly sensuous without batting an eyelid. The one-shoulder green dress with a thigh-high slit makes her look statuesque and steals the show from right under Emily’s powdered nose! Sylvie dresses in edge hardware jewelry and form-flattering silhouettes. She looks expensive and regal!

Her sophisticated wardrobe also contains a wrap-style grey jacket, well-tailored, and one of the most desirable pieces you can choose for workwear. Her silver shoes offset the dull grey! We can’t get over her chic pair of sunglasses, the bling from the gold jewelry, and a roomy white bag to put in her essentials.

We are awestruck how she takes the basic staple, adds them together, and creates an outfit straight out of the Paris runway. White shirt with a black pencil skirt and stunning designer heels. Also, her structured red dress, with a red belt accentuating her slim waist, is one piece of outfit we all want in our wardrobes. She even makes the little black dress out worldly with a coordinated brooch and cuff! In another episode, we saw her sporting a snake printed shirt with a slit black skirt with a blazer that never looked so stylish like ever! The legendary Patricia Fields is behind those amazing looks on Emily in Paris and need we add? She has done a great job!

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