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Some Untold Ways Of Staying Friends With Your Exes

Breaking up with someone you were once in love with can be one of the most challenging experiences one can go through. It is usually a time when you experience all sorts of emotions. Be it despair, pain, or rejection. However, after some time, it can be difficult to forget about the good times you had together and the love you once shared. Sometimes, it would be great to have them as a friend.

Keira / Pexels / Staying friends with your ex is not an easy feat!

But can you still remain friends with your ex? The good news is yes! You can still enjoy great friendships with your ex. Here, we will be discussing some untold ways of staying friends with your exes.

Allow Yourself Time to Heal

Before attempting to contact your ex-lover, ensure that you have given yourself time to heal from the relationship. Take a step back and reflect on the relationship. Identify what went wrong and what contributed to the break-up.

Pixabay / Pexels / After parting ways, do not rush into things. Instead, give yourself – and your ex – enough room to heal.

Most importantly, take stock of your emotions. Are you ready to be friends? Answering all these questions for yourself allows you to avoid any negative emotions that may arise. And this could damage your chance of maintaining a friendship.

Do not Force the Friendship

Once you have confirmed that you are indeed ready to stay friends with your ex, ensure that you take things slow. Do not force anything as you both open up the opportunity to stay friends. Begin by sending a simple message showing concern about their well-being and work your way up from there.

Instead of forcing a friendship on the ex-partner, allow the relationship to grow naturally without hurrying the process.

Set Boundaries

While it might seem warm and fuzzy to have a friend at your beck and call, there must be boundaries in place. Especially, if both of you have moved on to other relationships.

Maintaining boundaries keeps both of you safe from emotionally hurtful situations – fostering healthier relationships. So, communicate openly about what is considered essential in friendship and what should be avoided.

Be Sincere with your Intentions

It is essential that your intentions are clear from the onset. Ex-partners come with different baggage from when they were just friends. Some want to rekindle the relationship, while others want a platonic friendship. Whatever the case is, ensure you communicate your intention honestly. This can save you from a world of hurt.

Cotton Bro / Pexels / When you approach your ex after the breakup, make sure to be honest.

It is pretty easy to mistake friendship for something more, leading to confusion and disappointment. Be clear about your intentions from the beginning, allowing both of you to enjoy a drama-free relationship.

Respect Wins

Respect is critical in any friendship, even more so, when it comes to a friendship with an ex-partner. It is essential to show them respect when they begin a new relationship or even when they start dating. Be mindful of how you treat them and their new partners. Respect their time, energy, and relationship boundaries, and the friendship will thrive.

Parting Thoughts

Staying friends with ex-lovers requires considerable effort and work on both sides. It presses for the patience of all parties involved, as well as a high level of emotional intelligence. The good news is, it is possible to have a friendship with your ex-partner and enjoy it.

All it takes is sincerity in words and actions, setting boundaries, respect, and allowing the friendship to grow naturally. Relationships should never hinder you from having a great ex-friendship.

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