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Here Are Ways To Live A Plastic-Free Life

The world is literally choking under millions of tons of plastic, and every day, the amount soars even higher. It seems as if wherever we go these days, we’re always bound to come across a plastic product. What’s worse is the fact that our oceans, mountainsides, and forests are slowly becoming polluted with plastic because of our terrible lifestyle choices.

Living without plastic is rather impossible these days, but scientists continue to experiment and develop products that could eventually replace this particular pollutant. You’ve probably seen a few promising alternatives being featured in the news, but since they are all bio-degradable, their sources are also natural. Hence, the question arises: should we be using up our natural resources in the production of plastic alternatives? We, regular folk, can’t bring about a huge impact overnight, but there is one thing we can do — reduce plastic wastage.

If you don’t where or how to begin, read on!

While Shopping

This is perhaps the most common way to reduce the amount of plastic in our homes. Whenever we go out, we should always keep a cloth or jute shopping bag folded in our handbags or our car. So, instead of using plastic bags to carry our groceries, you can use these eco-friendly bags. Another trick is to buy things in bulk. Even if we stop using plastic bags for our shopping needs, there are tons of other plastic packagings in our shopping bags.

All kinds of condiments, spices, and other food items are packed in plastics. Hence, it is best to buy things in bulk. That way, you will be reducing plastic usage. Also, look for companies that offer things in glass jars or other eco-friendly packagings. Buying milk in glass bottles is the best option, or even better alternative would be to get a milkman to deliver milk to your house. Avoiding the frozen aisle will not just be good for the environment but also for your health. Though it has not been proven yet, keeping our food items in plastic for a long time might have some connection with deadly diseases like cancer!

At Home

There is a myriad of ways that you can do to stop using plastic bottles and jars at home. Think about it — what are the things that we use on a daily basis that comes in plastic bottles? Dishwashing liquids, condiments, laundry detergent, liquid body soap, and even our shampoo and conditioner! Is it really possible to stop using these? No, but what we can do is find better alternatives. For example, did you know that baking soda and vinegar can be your alternative for all kinds of home cleaning requirements? Whether you want to clean dirty surfaces or your dishes, this is your new best friend.

As for shower gels, start using bar soaps for bathing. For your laundry, use soap flakes or soap strips. Soda and apple cider vinegar can work great for your hair and hence can be a good alternative. Since paraben and sulfate present in your soap or shampoo is not good for you, why not try natural alternatives or even go for shampoo bars? When cooking at home, stop using your expensive non-stick cookware. Teflon-coated pans and woks expose you and your family to toxins that can cause health issues in the long run. Instead, use cast-iron cookware instead. Additionally, it goes without saying that bottled water is a waste of money and a threat to the environment. Tap water is a lot better for our health and our beautiful planet, too.


Making the change to a plastic-free life is not easy since we are so accustomed to a life with all kinds of plastic products and wrapping. It will take time, but we need to be strict in our choices. Even when we are traveling, we need to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, carry reusable water bottles, glass or steel lunch boxes, and bamboo cutlery. Most takeaways or cafes offer plastic cutlery and, of course, plastic straws for your drinks. So, with your bamboo cutlery in tow, you can reduce single-use plastic! Usually, the cutlery is wrapped in a cloth or jute bag that can double up as your napkin! Even when you are eating out, bring a reusable takeout container to avoid plastic boxes.

There are numerous ways to lessen plastic usage and show some love to our dearest planet. Have we convinced you enough to start right away?


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