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Alan Rickman’s Final Act of Generosity Before Death Will Bring You to Tears

Even in death, Alan Rickman has shown that he was a generous soul. Before the tragic death of the actor, he had some thoughtful plans he wanted to come true. Rickman, who was famously known as Snape in Harry Potter franchise, didn’t leave his wealth to his wife, Rima Horton or any other family members. Instead, the actor had some plans for the charity he supported.

Rickman gave out £100,000 to fight for some noble causes even in death. He supported four non-profit organizations; the International Performers Aid Trust, Saving Faces, Sponsored Arts for Education, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. These organizations shared the money, with each getting £25,000.

Rickman supported his three nieces with £25,000 each while the rest of his fortune was left for Rima. The couple never had kids of their own. He was described as a unique and rare human and we may never get to see another Alan Rickman again. The world and entertainment industry lost a man who wasn’t just talented but also kind to his core.

He wasn’t selfish to give out to those who need help most. The actor’s death came as a shock to many fans around the world.

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