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How to Become Internet Famous

Influencers surely know how to earn big bucks! Whether it’s a perfectly garnished plate of cheese balls or the intelligently filtered selfie-they never forget the means of making good revenue. Have you ever tried to do something like them but messed up?

Well, you are not alone! There are plenty who can’t get it right, and the good news is that it’s not that late. There are plenty of celebs and influencers who’re making a mark in their ways in this world. They have their little secrets and strategies that make them unique. Here’s how you can take the cue.

Get Your Niche

There is no point in being another Kim Kardashian (West). Popularity and followers size aren’t the only ways to determine how far an influencer can go. Your job is to reach out to a larger audience that stays interested and focused on things that you’re truly passionate about.

If you check influencers who started from scratch, you’ll see how niche-based ones have certain targets that connect to them better. An analysis of hashtags that used HYPR’s software showed about 90% of brand activations on social media occur via ‘niche thought leaders.

Discover Your Uniqueness

Stories are often the same, but you’re the person who can weave magic into it by telling it differently. For example, Mark Cuban, a billionaire businessperson, offered a lot of advice to his never-ending following on Twitter. The reason why his advice stood out was that it was largely ‘unconventional.’

Also, the “slightly-left-of-center” perspective lends him an upper edge, even among most entrepreneur influencers having their own success stories. Strange as it may sound, bit being controversial sells! You need to find a voice that will prove beneficial for you and help you carve a different identity than others, and be memorable enough.

Learn To Collaborate

Since you are not the only one in your defined area of expertise, keep searching for more. This way, you can promote the content of each other and also gain a greater understanding of where and how you must improve on yourself. Co-creating content is another great way of going about it. If you follow Chloe Morello closely, the YouTube vlogger- his videos often feature contemporary vloggers like Patrick Star, Gabriel Zamora, and Christen Dominique, to name a few.

Now that the favor must be returned, these influencers try to do the same and implement more strategies. Thereby, these influencers add to the already existing 2.2 million subscribers! You can find the same legacy from big influencers to small influencers and vice versa on Instagram too. The reality is- the more you increase the collaborators’ network, the more you’ll learn about newer audiences and grow your potentials.

Feel Till It Happens

You ought to! You must start making yourself believe that you’re an influencer already. Start tagging the brands generously. If possible, add a few relevant talks about big influencers to provide a feel to others that you know them or at least they know you. A good way to begin would be to let them share your content.

Apart from a humble beginning and a few small stories, focus on appearing larger than you are in reality—work upon content that would expose a different side of yours and a rather relevant one. Also, don’t forget to add some funny or even the not-so-good experiences you’ve had with top influencers so that everyone knows you have lived all these.

Go With The Flow

Something always tends to be ‘trending.’ In other words, there’s viral content all around, and more people add themselves to it to prove they’ve participated in the same and enjoyed/disliked the experience altogether. For example, ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ or ‘Cinnamon Challenge’ or ‘Touch my Body Challenge’ had been quite famous.

The reason why most influencers choose to become a part of such trends is that the posts need to be made visible and help others form a bond with them. Those who can form a part of the potential audience will also become your fans soon!

The way to becoming social media influencers isn’t difficult. And if you follow these rules, the path to internet fame will be a cakewalk. Have you tried these tips? Were they helpful? Do let us know in the comments section!

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