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Celebrities Who Deserve A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

More than 2400 stars have walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame and each one of them has been awarded for exceptional achievements in TV, music, film, and several such categories. So you might find names like Aretha Franklin, Lucille Ball, and Cyndi Lauper among others etched on the iconic road. Strangely, iconic figures like Clint Eastwood, Whitney Houston, or Beyonce however haven’t been a part of this! Now it can be that they were nominated and didn’t turn up or they are the celebs who never had the chance to be a part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars. Here are few such celebrities.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Two decades in the industry and then Leo became the Oscar-winning actor. Now he’s of course quite proud of not one, not two, but several such ‘small golden statues’. But it seems the privilege of having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame hasn’t happened yet. His co-star Kate Winslet (Titanic) got a star in 2014, but we hope Leo does it soon too.

George Clooney

So if you’re wondering (like most others) why Clooney or E.R. didn’t manage to convince the folks at Walk of Fame to award him the star… the reality is, it did; and that too with the career graph he has had. However, he had decided to put off scheduling the event. Maybe, the trip from Italy wasn’t worth his energy, or time.

Micheal Jordan

Athletes who had secured stars on the Walk of Fame include Paul Robeson, Terry Bradshaw, Sonja Henie, and Johnny Weissmuller, to name a few. Peculiarly, the winner of six NBA championship rings- Michael Jordan didn’t make it there and it surprises us indeed. Also, it’s not clear why.

Angelina Jolie

The actress with the perfect combination of beauty with brains surely has a great profile, an enviable film career, and humanitarian works aplenty. But Jolie hasn’t been offered a star. Perhaps the actor didn’t find the point of undergoing all the ‘rigamarole’ to secure one, even when her fans would argue that’s truly a deserving artist for it.

Brad Pitt

So it’s not just Jolie, her ex too didn’t get an invite to the Walk for a star. The year 2020 saw Pitt winning his first Oscar (weird). So we believe there’s still time that the next honor will be this and he wouldn’t refuse, hopefully.

Carrie Fisher

So Fisher too, despite the popularity and adulation she enjoyed from her fans hasn’t got a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Now if Mark Hamill, her Star Wars co-star manages to get a say in this matter – chances look bright for the departed star. Going by the rules of the Walk of Fame, she won’t secure eligibility for a plaque till the 5th death anniversary in 2021. So let’s wait and watch.

Denzel Washington

It’s sad when few accomplished actors of their times don’t get the star, but most of them who underwent the very ‘tedious process of having an approval stooped just when setting the ceremony date came into question. That’s the case with Denzel Washington. We hope the actor and director choose to surprise his fans suddenly, someday.

Whitney Houston

Her family says that the singer actually didn’t want a star on the Walk of Fame. Strange as it may sound but Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law remarked that she didn’t like the idea of people walking on her name. Well, as the saying goes – to each his own!

Judi Dench

So if the legend has an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA award to her name, what exactly can be the reason for her to wait when it comes to gaining a star on the Walk of Fame? Or maybe, let’s put it this way- who needs a star when you’re the “dame”?


Destiny’s Child had received the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, way back in 2006. But as a solo artist herself, Beyonce is yet to receive that. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter. And that too for someone called ‘Queen Bey’ who has won 23 Grammys and stands tall as the ‘first black woman to headline Coachella’.

You’ll be surprised by more such names, but no two people have the same reason (or probably partially the same). Whatever comes, we simply hope to see them here soon.

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