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These Celebrities Own The Top Three Most Expensive Cars In The World

We have all dreamt of owning a shiny new car to go on long rides and smoothly take us from one destination to another, making people gawk at us and our car in amazement. Making this dream a reality though is a difficult aspect for us, but the same cannot be said about the rich and famous. With their impressive bank balances, it’s not a surprise that they can change cars as often as they want without breaking a sweat. This is probably why when we spot a supercar, we also spot a celebrity alongside it — whether it’s Kanye West with his new Aventador or Christiano Ronaldo with his Ferrari. Even their children pose with cars that we have only seen in pictures. Here are three lucky people who are the proud owners of the most expensive cars ever made:

Jay-Z – Maybach Exelero — $8 Million

Whether you’re a fan of Jay-Z or not, you’ve probably heard his name at some point. Together with his wife and music icon Beyonce, Jay-Z commands an astounding net worth which he has earned throughout his long career. At the age of 49, Jay-Z is the proud owner of none other than a Maybach Exerlero which is worth $8 million. With a speed that reaches up to 218.4mph, this car is not only the most expensive one but also one of its kind.

It was in 2004 when this car was initially manufactured with a nature of double door auto. Ever since its production in Germany, it has appeared at various points in pop culture including a music video of Jay-Z himself. With a V-12 twin turbo engine, the car was initially owned by rapper Birdman who is said to have ordered it in 2011 but couldn’t pay it off in full which was why he sold it to Jay-Z for the kind of money that we can live off of for the rest of our lives. To Jay-Z though, $8 million was probably just spare change!

Floyd Mayweather – Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita — $4.8 Million

Being one of the top paid athletes in the world surely pays off when it helps you become the owner of a car worth $4.8 million. It’s almost half the base price of the Maybach Exelero but think of all the things you can buy with that kind of money. Mayweather is one of the two proud owners of the Koenigsegg CCXR since the ultra-modern Swedish company only manufactured two, showing off its exclusivity and making it a car to be sought after by the affluent. That’s probably why only the super-rich like Floyd Mayweather can afford it who surprisingly is also the owner of many other cars that he keeps in Los Angeles as well as Miami. With a speed of more than 254 mph and a V8 aluminum engine, this is a very unique addition to his collection of cars.

Christiano Ronaldo — LaFerrari 2014 — $2.6 Million

The Portuguese footballer has made good use of the wealth he has accumulated from being a superstar footballer by purchasing the third most expensive car in the world. This is none other than the LaFerrari 2014 which, with its more than 217mph capacity, is also one of the fastest cars ever made. The Real Madrid player was already known for his fascination with supercars considering that he has always been spotted riding the latest and best cars in the market. He’s even been the owner of a Ferrari 599 GTB and Lamborghini Aventador. Currently, his collection also includes Ferrari F12, another great car model.

At a price tag of $2.6 million, the LaFerrari 2014 is bound to leave you speechless with its array of amazing features that labels it as one of the most powerful cars on the planet, thanks to its 950bhp power. It is no wonder that a superstar footballer owns a superstar car!

But this isn’t where the extravagance of our beloved celebrities stop because there are so many other well-known personalities enjoying the money they’ve made. This includes the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 owned by Bryan Williams, more commonly known as the rapper Birdman and the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport owned by the music mogul and reality TV judge, Simon Cowell. This is where we stop, but it’s certainly not the end of the list. Let’s hope someday some of us become part of the list because after all, being rich enough to have not one but a whole collection of supercars must be pretty cool! One can dream, right?

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