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Celebs Who Own Restaurants – The Latest Trend to Hit Tinsel Town!

The celebrities aren’t quite happy with their main job! They like to diversify and do stuff that keeps them engaged and, of course, rakes in the moolah. So, most of the celebs we know are venturing into the food business simply because it’s one of the most profitable markets ever.

The celebs who are opening restaurants are boasting of some pretty incredible business. So, today let’s discuss some of the hottest celeb-owned restaurants that are creative, eclectic, and a crowd puller! The food, the ambiance make for an incredible experience, the reason why you must visit these popular restaurants.

Ryan Gosling

The closest you can get close to Ryan Gosling is to visit his restaurant? The next time you are anywhere near the Beverly Hills area, ensure you pay a visit to Tagine, his Moroccan hot spot. It promises a cozy nook where you can share a meal with your friends and families.

The delicious cuisine, candle-lit banquette, and pillows thrown all around give it a comfortable look, somewhere where you would like to relax and enjoy a stressed-free meal. Their most famous dishes include North African stew and chocolate soup! Just what you would need to let your hair down on a weekday or a weekend.

Channing Tatum

Saints and Sinners is the name of the restaurant that Channing Tatum owns. The restaurant offers a tribute to the city’s Storyville red-light, Burlesque district. The menu is perfect for people who like to eat Southern cuisine. Certain meals may not be for the faint-hearted such as the fried alligator tail and jambalaya. The restaurant’s quite well-known for its drinks menu too.

Jessica Biel

Dining out is hard for people who are trying to eat healthy and delicious food. Here, we are not talking about pizzas and french fries. Here we are talking about foods that may not make you suffer from a bout of allergy. The restaurant is called Au Fudge in West Hollywood, California.

It is also a kid-friendly restaurant where it boasts an Anthropologie-furnished creative space where kids can play and have fun and not get bored. Of course, the children are watched under the eyes of au pairs employed by the restaurant. Also, plenty of other things can keep the kiddies engaged, a market selling candy and other fun treats. Buy them those when you move out.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon’s restaurant is as interesting as her varied roles in her career. The restaurant boasts ping-pong tables, a fully stocked bar, and tasty, delicious food. Her restaurant is known as Spin and has proved to be a successful enterprise.

She’s an investor in the restaurant business and has Franck Raharinosy and Jonathan Bricklin, and investment banker Andrew Gordon. It’s perfect for all those who are looking for a little extra in their eating-out night. It has games, interesting snacks, and more. With its incredible success, Susan and her partners have opened up a few more locations all over the USA.

Robert De Niro

Robert DeNiro is a pro when it comes to opening restaurants. So, he owns not one but several restaurants all across the country.  Locanda Verde, in New York City, is one of her latest enterprises. His restaurant serves Italian food. If you are craving authentic Italian food, then this is the restaurant that you should go to. With generous family-sized portions, it has everything that you may be looking for.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and of course, loves BBQ. A perfect example of Southern Hospitality in New York City was opening its doors to eclectic foodies in 2007. Today, there are several chains of this restaurant in Colorado, and it promises some of the best and the most delicious foods you can find, right from dry-rubbed baby back ribs to slow-cooked deliciously tender brisket.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga loves her pizzas and pasta like all of us here, and this is what you will get at her restaurant Joanne Trattoria. The delicious Italian eatery is on the Upper West Side of New York City. Lady Gaga’s parents run the restaurant, and she only got to became a part-owner in 2010 because she loved the welcoming vibe and awesome food available there. And she is right about that!

Well, these celebs can be as enterprising off-screen as they can be creative on-screen! Don’t you agree?

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