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The Most Expensive Celeb-Approved Gym Equipment!

Most of us can only dream of having perfect bodies, much like the Hollywood hunks or swimsuit supermodels. But is it easy to get abs like Ryan Gosling or the body of Brad Pitt? Well, certainly not. However, even if it is not easy, it may not hurt for you to try. So, try and invest in gym equipment if you cannot visit the neighborhood gym and are willing to go the extra mile.

At the same time, it may not guarantee you to get a body like your favorite superstar. It may help you take a giant stride towards health and wellness. Check out some expensive fitness equipment that is rocking the gym world. Here are some great and expensive pieces of equipment for you to invest in.

VibroGym Diamond

It costs around $69,190, and most celebrities and models love it. It is a machine to vibrate and stimulate most of the major muscle groups in your body, and it is much helpful than conventional gym equipment as it can utilize at least 60 % of your muscles. You can alter the frequency and vibrations of the muscles. All you need to do is invest in at least ten minutes every day to work on your whole body.

So, why this piece of gym equipment is so expensive? It has over 65,000 Crystallized Swarovski Elements encrusted into the stainless steel vibration plate of the equipment. The Vibro Gym logo also has around 600 hyacinth-colored stones. You can call this gym equipment or jewelry. You can always stare at your prized possession when you are not using it to work out. As you must have guessed, it is not cheap at all and can set you back by $70,000.

Hypoxi Trainers

This piece of equipment created by Dr.Norbert Egger can set you back by $52,000. It is currently available in most countries of the world. The pros of the Hypoxy Trainers are that they can work on the problem areas bothering most people, such as the tummy fat, hips, things, butt, and cellulite. These exercise machines can simulate a wind tunnel and can shape a person’s body. Manufacturers claim that just three workouts a week on this equipment can replace half a year’s gym workouts.

The two models of the machine, L520 and the S120 can help you lose weight and cellulite quickly. It reduces body fat by stimulating blood circulation. The normal price of a Hypoxi session can cost you $69 per workout. However, a training plan involving 12 sessions can cost you $690. This machine has been endorsed by the British songwriter, dancer, and model, Cheryl Cole who spent $52000 on Hypoxi S120.

Quick Gym Range Of Motion (ROM) Machine

It is a flywheel that weighs 85 pounds with a centrifugal brake. It can cost you $15,000, but you have to invest just 4 minutes on it, and you can get the full benefits of cardio, resistance, and flexibility. Just four minutes on it can equate to a full workout training, as the machine can use 12 times more muscle cells than you would usually do by running or brisk walking.

Of course, a claim like that can meet with a lot of skepticism, so the manufacturer had celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Jimmy Kimmel, and John Travolta to endorse it. Some people who want to buy can check out the various reviews on the websites. And if you want to try it, then you have got to pay $2,500. If you are still debating over it, ask for a demo video from Quick Gym to make your mind.

The equipment comes with various models, as the most expensive is the S3U model, which will need you to shell out $5,800. Other models such as the S3R include a recumbent-style bike and promise several benefits. There is a variation for children too, for the ages of 9 and 14 called the S3Y.

How much are you willing to invest in creating a body like your favorite celebrities? However, we still think there is no substitute for a healthy, wholesome diet and a fitness regime. So, invest time for your health and follow the basic rules for a healthy lifestyle, eat right, move more and exercise and if you have the moolah, then go ahead buy the fancy equipment to transform your body!

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