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The Most Expensive Yet Useless Things Billionaires Splurge On

Billionaires lead a lifestyle that’s quite different from common people. They prefer to live their life king-size, and laying their hands on super expensive stuff is a cakewalk for them. Sometimes, you will see them buying a million-dollar house, sometimes a yacht, a private island, cars, jets, and many other things.

They even like to go on expensive vacations to have a whale of a time. They get new things for them, probably get bored with them after some time, and then spend their money to buy something more expensive. Often, those seem useless to many, even if they are worth millions. After all, why would they even buy them? Anyway, here are some pricey but useless things that billionaires splurge on.


Of course, you can buy sneakers for yourself anywhere. However, you can’t even lay your hands on the shoes donned by your favorite soccer player unless and until you have ample cash with you. Several interesting items are available for auctions.

But, celebrities’ shoes and other things they have used at one time or the other catch the buyers’ fancy the most. Once, a sneaker had an auction price of $100,000. Beat that! Though the price might seem absurd for most of you, it certainly occupies a special place in the hearts of loyal fans.

Gold Toilet Paper

Who on earth uses toilet paper made of gold? That’s what you are thinking of. Well, you know how these celebs are. They belong to a league of their own, and splurging on luxury is one thing they are pretty fond of. They can go to any extent to grab the most luxurious item they have set their eyes on.

The gold toilet paper is undoubtedly one of those. Regular toilet paper is probably a bit harsh for them. For people who want luxury at every step of life, the gold toilet paper is something very unique and weird at the same time. It comes at a price of more than $1,300,000. Useless, you say? The celebs might beg to differ.

Diamond Teabag

Diamonds are priceless. But who would have guessed that you can use them in teabags too? A British company used close to 300 diamonds to craft this teabag that every tea lover would die to lay their hands on.

No one is sure how the tea tastes, but the price can make you go into a tizzy. It has a price tag of something around $15,000. The shine that the teabag exudes is just out of the world. So, one can say that the buyer wouldn’t be using it anytime shortly or probably, ever!

Luxury Ice Cubes

No one loves to see the ice cubes eventually melting into your drinks. That makes the drink bland, and you feel terrible. You will be relieved to know that Glace Luxury has come forward to help you out.

They are offering luxury cubes with the promise that they won’t ever melt. Moreover, you will love the cooling sensation. That’s a complete luxury for alcohol connoisseurs. The price tag of the ice cubes is something around $300. Want to try them?

Gold Bicycle

Oh yes! It’s time for the gold bicycle. Not every super-rich individual loves to hit the gym and sweat it out. They have a penchant for working out in the open, taking a deep breath of the fresh air around them. Many of you like to go cycling to stay fit. But, it’s only half the fun if you don’t own a gold bicycle.

Believe it or not, the entire bicycle is made of 24K gold. This fabulous and luxury item has a price tag of $500,000. Billionaires who have a thing for everything luxury wouldn’t think twice before grabbing this one. Of course, this will give a new dimension to cycling around the nearby park. The experience is worth treasuring.

The fact is that some billionaires don’t have any clue of how to use their money to buy things that would be of any use and last them a lifetime. Eventually, they end up splurging money on useless stuff that gives them some temporary happiness. While these purchases might seem over the top, deep down, we are sure everyone would love to own them. Don’t you agree?

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