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What These Five Celebs Wasted Their Money On is Outrageous!

Being rich is the ultimate dream for many, and the crazy, expensive and useless purchases of the rich serve as entertainment to all of us who have to work hard for our money and tend to spend it wisely. For hard-working people, a splurge looks more like buying your pet a fancy toy – but to celebrities, a splurge is more like buying a $325K dog house for your pets complete with ceiling moldings and chandeliers (we’re looking at you, Paris Hilton!)! Here are some of the most ridiculous and extravagant purchases from some of the world’s famous celebs.

Beyonce – Gold Leggings

When regular people go out shopping, we look for diamante or shiny beadwork on our fashion items for that extra sparkle. But if you are Beyoncé, then only gold will do! This isn’t surprising because we all know what a diva Queen Bey is!  Beyonce decided she would invest in a ridiculously priced $100K pair of Balenciaga leggings, embellished with gold, for the 2007 BET Awards. We simply have to wonder how comfortable these leggings were – and Beyoncé actually performed in them!

Mike Tyson – Gold Bathtub

He may be a big tough guy on the outside, but this man is all about pampering his dear wife! While on the topic of gold, we just have to mention Mike Tyson’s splurge on a solid gold bathtub! This tub cost $2.3 million and was made from 24 karat gold. And that was back in the 90s, people – so can you imagine the price of such an item today! Tyson apparently purchased it as a gift for his then-wife, Robin Givens. The tub was then sold off to an American billionaire by the name of Derwood Hodgegrass for the hefty price of $1.2 million.

Celine Dion – Humidifier

If you thought that your spending $20 on a humidifier was a splurge, just wait until you hear how much Celine Dion dropped for a high-end humidifier! Dion’s humidifier cost her an eye-watering $2 million! Yes, you read that right! We know that Dion is famed for her angelic voice, but there’s not a chance that the humidifier is worth nearly that much unless it is made of pure gold and encrusted with diamonds – which it isn’t! Of course, on the other hand, Dion has plenty of money to be splurge on. $2 million probably looks to Dion like what buying a chocolate bar looks to us.

Lady Gaga – A Ghost Detection Machine

Lady Gaga is a woman who is known for her eccentricities. There is nothing ‘regular’ about Gaga and she sure doesn’t want there to be! However, as crazy as we do believe she is and though we love her for it, we simply can’t wrap our heads around her $50K buy of a ghost detection machine! More especially, we wonder where Gaga found this sort of a contraption! It is supposed to work based on electromagnetic field reading. We do wonder whether it has been useful to Gaga or not. Her belief in the supernatural is supported also by her once believing she was being followed by a supernatural presence she called ‘Ryan’. Gaga eventually hired a medium to confront the ‘ghost’!

Tom Cruise – In-House Sonogram Machine

It was in 2005 when Tom Cruise created quite a stir. Cruise purchased a $200K sonogram machine that he had set up in his home and used regularly to perform sonograms of his pregnant fiancée at the time, Katie Holmes. Experts pounced on him, and he was immediately beaten up for performing unlicensed sonograms and slammed for not enrolling the help of a radiographer who was properly qualified to perform the tests. Cruise faced plenty of criticism for this antic of his. At the end of the day, it really was a lot of money to spend on a machine that would be useless after the child was born. Of course, that’s not to mention all the dangers and the illegal nature of the entire idea – that is a whole different story!

If there is anything any of these celebrities have proven is that there are terribly useless ways to waste money! If we ever had that much money to waste, we would need to get creative and join the club of ridiculous buys! Hopefully we one day serve as such entertainment!


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